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How to ask the Oggún and Ochosi Warriors for their protection and help?

How to ask Oggún and Ochosi

The best way to protect ourselves from the enemies and dangers that surround us, to ward off the bad energies that seekañaTo pray to Oggun and Ochosi, two warriors and friends whose union is extremely strong and their combined powers protect us from any evil.

These two Orishas are warriors and live together in the same cauldron, they are inseparable deities.

The union between the two saints, according to the Patakí, occurred due to the little ability that Ochosi had to destroy the animals of his farm, although he was very good at hunting with the bow and arrow. Oggún, upon seeing him, gave him an iron knife with which they shared their prey and became good friends.

What powers does he possess Oggún? The Lord of Metals and from work

Oggun Warrior

Oggún is a major deity of the Yorub Pantheona, master and lord of iron. In life it symbolizes the beginnings, the beginning, the mañana, spring, and also the powers of command, force, violence and authority.

He is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals. It represents the enormous virility in the human being and is a tireless warrior and worker.

He is the second Orisha to be received behind his brother Elegua and together with him, Ochosi and Osun, make up the group of Orisha Oddé, who are commonly known as Warriors.

Also, he is the watchdog of human beings and the ruler of wars. It can help us in love, work and surgery.

Requests and offerings to the Orisha del Hierro:

We ask Oggún, Lord of Metals, for protection against enemies, since it is the Orisha who is in charge of taking justice into his own hands and can give us strength to overcome difficulties and obstacles.

To pray to Oggún we must remember that the Orisha likes to be blown into brandy or rum and tobacco smoke.

Honey is also poured over it, and toasted corn, smoked hutía and smoked fish are offered as a way of serving it.

The powers it symbolizes Ochosi, the hunter of the Ocha

Oshosi Warrior

Ochosi is a Major Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, a warrior deity. He is a hunter related to prison, justice and defender of the persecuted, who is always prayed for those who have suffered the injustices of life.

One of the first Orishas that any religious receives when initiating Osha (Santeria) and is always linked to the protection of the path.

It is the thought that is capable of moving to any time and place to capture something and fight against injustices. He owns the forest and the game. 

He is represented attached to weapons and dominates the power of the bow and arrow, he is especially related to Oggun, for hunting and the mount. They are both served in the metal cauldron in which habitan.

Ochosi is considered a magician and witch. His name comes from the Yoruba Osóssí «"He who works with witchcraft".

We pray to him fundamentally for justice and protection and we ask him to give us the strength to move forward when we are victims of injustice.

We dedicate prayers to Oggún and Ochoci to protect ourselves from enemies and bad energies

Pataki the warriors
Cauldron of the Warriors next to Osun

As we have seen in the Yoruba religion, Ochosi the vigilante, has a close relationship with Oggún, patron of the irons and their union establishes the unshakable fortitude before life.

For this reason, many devotees pray to both of them asking for the protection of their immense combined powers.

And it is that the prayer to Oggún and Ochosi gives us the absolute protection of these saints against all danger and against the bad energies of people who want our evil.

We pray to them for our well-being and ask for their guidance and protection in life.

 How to pray to Oggún and Ochosi?

In front of the receptacle or altar of the warriors we can pray to Oggún and Ochosi.

If not, we are located in a quiet place or its natural temple, the mountain, where we can be alone and connect spiritually with these two protective deities.

  • Thus, we pray out loud and tell them our joys and worries and ask them to protect us and our relatives from all evil. Let's not forget to thank.
  • To achieve the desired results it is advisable to remember that both saints like offerings with guavas, pineapple, birdseed, watermelon or brandy.
  • We must also have a white candle lit in the place where we are going to pray.

We can pray to Oggún and Ochosi whenever we consider the help of both warriors necessary and then we cannot forget to thank him for his immense protection for us and our loved ones.

Prayer to Oggún and Ochosi to ward off any danger, enemies and ask for their protection

Powerful Orishas, ​​watchers and warriors of the Yoruba pantheon

Oggún and Ochosi, winners of lawsuits, owners of the mountain and the road,

for you nothing is impossible, because in your union remains an immense force and a huge power

I come to your aid, my protectors, to cleanse my body, my mind and my soul and ward off any evil destined for me

I ask you warriors for your eternal protection

Make those who wish us ill to repent, walk away and leave.

And whoever wants to harm us is immobilized to do nothing.

I ask you to combine your immense powers and avoid any danger to me and mine.

Ogún, Lord of Metals, with your silver sword, Ochosi, sure Hunter, with your magnetized bow and arrow,

cross jungles, fields, plains, mountainsañas, the shore of the sea, from the stream to the waterfall.

Protect and guide me, my warriors, you who fight with bravery, passion and courage.

Do not allow armies or legions of evil to bend or harm my planting, harvest, tools, my house, or absolutely anything.

Deploy your protective shield over me and my family and do not allow evil to penetrate

I thank you, Orishas Poderosos, for your eternal blessings so that I can continue to walk safely through life.

So be mighty Warriors

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