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How to ask Shango? The Thunder King's protection is for everyone

How to ask Shango

It is the Orisha Shango, one of the deities of the Yoruba Religion most important and representative, one of the most revered within the Cuban cult of Santeria.

Shango is the protector, the explosive saint and the fierce warrior, who is invoked to keep us away from all danger, bad intentions and negative energies.

He is also Shango the God of fire and thunder, he has a unique personality of great character.

It is one of the strongest deities to deal with within the Santeria, known for having been a warrior and king, in the Yoruba patakies describe him as a god with great physique, extremely strong, both in his physical condition and in his powers.

Metaphorically, it is said that fire comes out of Shango's mouth when he speaks and that he likes his devotees to prove themselves strong, brave, worthy, and strive to achieve their goals in life.

Above all, when invoked in faith, he will come and help you on the path of success and well-being.

Shango is the God of dance and lightning, masculine strength and the drum, but he is also representative of wisdom and intellect.

He is considered one of the first deities to be an interpreter of the oracles.

Offerings and attentions to the great Shango How do we do it?

Let us always bear in mind that Shango likes to show appreciation and gratitude from his devotees.

Days of care:

  • Celebration date: Because this deity syncretizes in Santeria with Santa Bárbara, his day is December 4 and it is very important to pay tribute on that date, so that Shango feels recognized and comes to our side to help us and guide us in our requests.
  • Weekday: Saturdays are his day, although Fridays are also attributed to this saint.

On those days we must give Shango special attention and ask him to never abandon us, although any day of the week is propitious to venerate him.

Offerings that the Orisha likes:

Let us know that before praying or making requests to Shango, we can entertain him with offerings of his choice.

  • The Yoruba deity likes strong foods, that is, spicy or well seasoned.
  • He loves fruits such as bananas, apples (specifically red in color) and his favorite dish which is cornmeal cooked and placed in various presentations.
  • You can complement your dishes with various herbs such as: mint, laurel, caña of sugar and slices of onion or tomato.

We can worship Shango on an altar dedicated to his deity at home, which can include red or white candles, flowers such as roses, a glass of red wine, apples, bananas and symbols dedicated to Shango that we wish to place.

What is asked of the Orisha? Begging for the help of Shango to move through life

We must bear in mind when asking for his intervention that his cult is deeply rooted in justice.

Therefore, we must not pray to him with hidden intentions or ask for evil for anyone, nor curse or disrespect with offenses, his deity is in charge of doing justice without our asking.

On the other hand, Shangó can be prayed for and asked for in many spheres of our life, since he is the patron of virile strength and a warrior who conquers enemies, but also the pure image of masculinity and seduction.

We can always ask you with great faith:

  • Care. Shango can help us find true love and also regain a lost love. Likewise, it has the power to strengthen relationships.
  • Prosperity and material abundance: Shango can also help us with his wisdom and intellect, to elucidate the best way to get out of economic crises and find better opportunities for material benefit and for the money to flow.
  • Defeat enemies. The powerful prayer known as the "Seven Rays of Chango" is performed to separate enemies and break works of sorcery and witchcraft destined to harm us.

2 Prayers to the warrior Shango to free us from all evil

Shango as a warrior and sorcerer, can protect and protect us, deflecting any attack that threatens our well-being.

Prayer to the 7 Rays of Chango against the forces of evil

“I conjure the seven rays of Chango, by the holy name of the Almighty, to make the hearts of my enemies tremble.

I conjure you, oh mighty Santa Barbara, so that your eyes are mine and my eyes are yours.

Make no evil entity can reach me, make your rays shake the abode of those who fight me, dissolve all obstacles.

O mighty elemental spirit of the earth: combine your forces with mine so that the power of the evil one is withdrawn. Amen"

Powerful prayer to ask the Lord of thunder for protection

As we explained earlier, one of the greatest requests made to Shangó is his protection from all evil, so that nothing can harm him.añaus and no evil enters our home.

This is also how we ask you to keep away our enemies, disease, danger, catastrophes and anyone who wants to cause us harm.

  • Here is a prayer to ask Shango for his protection

God of thunder, light, fire, justice, you who with your strength guide your children along the best paths

Shangó, great lord of the Ocha, protector and warrior, Your voice reverberates in the world to ward off dangers

Shango my father, never forsake me! Take me by the hand through this life until I reach my destiny and wrap me in your mantle so that evil does not touch me

Protect me, protect me always and don't leave me in the dark

Drive away my enemies, that no bad omen can touch me

Lord of Fire, Indomitable warrior of thunder, remove harm and evil from me and mine,

Keep the misfortunes, ruins and problems away from my house

And instead brings fortune, progress and success, prosperity and happiness, for me and my family

As your proud son and your most faithful devotee, I make this request to you, My father, God of thunder,

I call you from my heart and I kneel before you, and I ask you to protect and give me your immense protection

So be it. So shall. Amen

If you want to offer offerings to King Shango, we share some rituals:

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