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How to ask your Eggun for luck and evolution? Work for the Spirits

How to ask your Eggun

They are the mighty Egguns Those who are always by our side and protect us, they too are asked and offered to provide care, give light and feel entertained.

The Eggun in yoruba religion They are all our ancestors and ancestors, those spirits that take care of us from beyond.

These manifest themselves in dissimilar ways, and although many do not see or hear them since it is a gift granted to few, they are the ones who put things in your mind, through intuition, dreams, omens, that mental clarity that sometimes arises. .

This offering that we are going to prepare is very beautiful, it is for your luck to change, so that everything flows and remains in balance and thus the paths open with new opportunities.

To ask your Eggun You must have a lot of faith, after placing the offering, talk to them with great sincerity and with all your heart, and they will listen to you.


  • 1 yam
  • 1 Sweet Potato
  • Clay pot or large gourd
  • Honey
  • Corojo butter
  • Toasted corn
  • 1 candle

How is this offering made at the foot of Eggun so that luck will come and he will go?

  1. First, you put the yam and sweet potato fruits to boil.
  2. When they are very soft, you take them out and put them to cool.
  3. Once they are cold, you crush them with your hands as a puree and add honey, corojo butter and toasted corn.
  4. With everything well mixed in a single mass, you proceed to make 9 balls of the size you want and then you must put them on the plate or gourd.
  5. Then in faith you light the candle to Egguns and place the work.

Powerful prayer dedicated to the Guiding Spirits of Allan Kardec

Prudent spirits and messengers of God, whose mission is to assist men and lead them on the right path, support me in the trials of life, give me strength to suffer them without murmuring, divert bad thoughts from me and prevent access none of the evil spirits who try to induce me to evil. 

Enlighten my conscience so that I can see my defects, separate from my eyes the veil of pride that could prevent me from seeing them and confessing them to myself.

You above all (here say “the dead that accompanied meañan” or mention the names of your dead if you know them) and my guardian angel, who watch over me more particularly, and you, protective spirits who take an interest in me, make me worthy of your benevolence.

You know my needs, so do that grace be granted to me according to the will of God.

Recommendations for the work to the dead:

It tienes Eggun's tile you place the candle in front of it, but place it in a corner of the patio or under a sink, never in the bedroom, or in the bathroom.

Wherever you have lit the candle, you put their offering in front of them and talk with your dead about everything that distresses you, but also appreciates their blessing and guidance.

For 9 days you must light that candle for a while and at the end of that period you must leave the offering in the mount, a forest or at the foot of a Ceiba.

Light and progress for the spirits, put a lot of faith in it and you will see how they listen to you.

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