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How to beg Eleguá for a favor with Prayers? Asking for luck and protection

How to ask Eleguá for a favor

Eleguá or Elegguá, «Èṣù-Ẹlẹ́gbára» He is one of the most popular and revered deities of the Yoruba religion.

He is the first of the warrior Orishas, ​​the first who surrender to the religious who initiates the spiritual paths, to guide and protect him.

Eleguá goes next to Oggún, Ochosi and Osun, the four Yoruba warriors that protect the paths of religious life in the Rule of Osha-Ifá or Santeria, as it is popularly known.

What is asked of Eleguá? The Lord of the Roads

He is the owner of the roads and destiny, he is the Gatekeeper of Religion, since he is the Orisha who opens or closes the doors of prosperity, happiness, luck or misfortune, and can even determine the influences of other deities.

We ask Eleguá to guide us, protect us and open the doors of everything we crave in life, always with health, love and abundance.

But we must know that he is very naughty and gets upset if his tastes and qualities are not known.

When praying to the Prince, what does Eleguá like as an offering?

Eleguá is the first protection, since it is he who opens the ways to continue in religion.

And for this reason, we must know that the uninitiated or aleyos must receive it or consecrate it as first.

Eleguá is one of the first Oshas or Orishas to be received and earned with Olofin, Obbatalá and Orula enough privileges to be the first to be honored, something that we must always bear in mind.

Days of attention to the Orisha:

Attention to Eleguá can be the day that the religious wishes, but the day in which the rituals are carried out to entertain him are usually Mondays, marking the beginning of a new week and the day of attention to the warriors.

Preferably it should be done from the first hours of the morning.añana, so you start the day with good energy and its blessings.  

Eleguá is venerated by giving 3 touches or sounding his maraca at the same time as his blessing is requested, and he is asked to open the roads and give us health, prosperity and peace.

We always thank you for your protection and guidance and we ask you to keep danger and bad decisions away.

Offerings that Eleguá loves:

Let us remember that to venerate Eleguá we can offer him sweets and toys, as well as other elements that he likes, such as:

  • Smoked fish, smoked jutia, roasted corn,
  • yams, gofio balls, bread, grains
  • drinks like brandy,
  • fruits like guava,
  • red flowers like roses and white or red candles,
  • honey and sweets, he loves them.

The names of each offering must be said aloud, and in order not to anger him we must always act with respect.

After placing their offerings, a white candle should be lit to illuminate it, brandy and tobacco smoke are blown into it, it is smeared with corojo and a touch of honey if desired.

  • At the end of the article we leave some addimú or offerings to Eleguá with the procedure to be carried out.

How to ask Eleguá for a favor? Prayers that protect

We ask Eleguá to listen to us and bless us with great faith and devotion, telling him everything with great sincerity.

Get to know this powerful prayer to beg Eleguá to intercede. To speak to him, we crouched down in front of him and began by saying the following:

OMi tuto, Ona tuto, tuto laroye, tuto Ilé, Eshu Agogo, Eshu Alagguana, Eshu Agotipongo, Eshu Ayomamaqueño, Moyubao Iyalocha Moyubao Iyabbona. Quincamanché Camaricú, Omó Bed, Ifi Bed, Oña Bed, Ayaré Unló Bed Ona quebofi queboada.

Translation of the prayer into Spanish:

I refresh you to open the way for me, with the permission of my elders, I ring the bell for you to open the door for me, also counting on my Guardian Angel, Godfather, Godmother and all the Yorubá Board members. Health to me and all my children.

At the end of this prayer we should thank you for your help and guidance and begin to mention the problems and situations in which we need your support.

A powerful prayer to ask Eleguá's favor

  • We can also dedicate the following prayer to him to ask for his favor:

Eleguá, Lord of the Roads, you who open everything, I invoke you, with this humble prayer I ask you to be present, to you warrior and great messenger who communicates with Olofin, I beg you this immense favor:

(Communicate to Eleguá with great faith the favor we want).

Free me from the dangers on my way, give me the triumph as destiny, close the way to the difficulties that want to get in my way.

Oh, Elegua, my all powerful and omnipotent Lord Father, guide me always on the path.

Illuminate my path at every moment and control my future with your strength, I ask you my holy Elegua, take care and accompany me.aña to all my family, protect and take care of all my loved ones, and take care of me too, so be it.


We share some of the beautiful offerings for Eleguá:

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