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What is Luna Water and how to prepare it? Purifying our energy

How to prepare moon water

The power and energy of Luna Water It is capable of purifying the energy of the body, mind and soul, as long as it is used for positive purposes and never to do harm.

It is water that has been exposed to the light of the moon and charged with magical energies. It is advisable to make this recipe on a full moon, as it is the phase in which the most brightness emanates from the satellite.

We must know that Luna's water is an element widely used in white magic spells and is very powerful.

What is Luna Water used for? Its uses and benefits

Moon water as a powerful natural element blessed by the pure energies of the Moon, has powerful esoteric uses.

Among them:

  • Improve meditation: Moon water helps to awaken internal knowledge and improves meditation, helping us to achieve future projects.
  • Purification baths: Luna water purifies us and clarifies our aura if we add it to our spiritual baths.

It is also believed that washing our hair with this water will increase its shine and stimulate growth.

  • Attract abundance: They say that if we sprinkle our wallet with a little of this water, it will increase our finances and attract job success.
  • Purify our home: If we add a few drops of Luna water to the bucket to clean our home, we will eliminate the bad vibes and we will attract peace, purifying it.
  • To make herbal teas: We can make teas with lunar water and thus gain pure and clean energy to face a new day.
  • To purify items: We can immerse objects such as amulets or antiques in Full Moon Water to cleanse the negativity and infuse it with new energy.

How do we prepare the Agua de Luna?

To make Agua de Luna we need several objects.

In addition, we must bear in mind that it is good to do it when the moon is in its full phase. We require:

  • A clear bucket or bowl
  • The container must have a lid or a good cloth that we can hold around
  • 1 liter of water, which should preferably be mineral
  • We can add flowers to it, if we want to aromatize the lunar water.


  1. We clean the transparent or glass bowl well, it should not have any residue.
  2. We do it while meditating to get rid of negative thoughts and fill ourselves with peace and light.
  3. Then we fill the bowl with mineral water, because the tap water has too many impurities.
  4. We close it to prevent insects or dust from entering with a lid or a piece of fine cloth.
  5. We will place the bowl full of water in a place where the light of the Full moon will shine at dusk and we can leave it until the next day.

While we perform this ritual we can make requests to attract prosperity, help heal a sick person, fix a romantic relationship, ward off bad energies among many other requests.

Then we remove the container with water before dawn so that the sunlight does not touch it and we store it in a dark place to conserve the lunar energy and use it when necessary and in what we want.

It is important to trust especially in this process in the energy of nature, which is deposited by the moon in our water.

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