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How to protect my house from bad vibes? 3 Powerful elements

How to protect my house from bad vibes

Have you felt a dense, heavy and loaded climate in your home? Well, this denotes the influence of bad energies from outside.

The irruption of those bad vibes in our personal space can put us in a bad mood and change the climate so that it is always tense, making us not feel relaxed or at ease.

Smoking the house purifies the environment and eliminates the bad vibes:

Homemade rosemary incense

Therefore, it is important to have elements to do a good energy cleaning and thus protect ourselves from those bad vibes, preventing them from entering our house, and moving away.

The best way to do a clean like this is to smoke the house.

What is incense? It is the process by which smoke is obtained, by burning different elements, generally plants, this smoke helps us to purify spaces and perform spiritual rituals.

For this task we will need an incense burner or clay bowl, although it can be made of bronze or ceramic as well.

In it, we will place elements made from herbs with protective powers to face bad energies. For example:

3 Important elements to protect our house from bad energies:

Copal for bad energy

Copal, energy that protects against negativities:

Copal: name given to various aromatic plant resins, in an intermediate stage of polymerization and hardening between the resin and amber. 


Copal resin The best known is derived from a tree of the Burseraceae family and has been used for centuries for its ritual, therapeutic and medicinal uses.

The traditional way of use is with the burning of the resin on embers or charcoals, always with the aim of protecting physical spaces from bad influences.

Smoke is used in order to purify ourselves and feel protected and blessed.

Therefore, it is said that Copal is excellent to protect places or people and eliminate any type of negativity.

They say that the smoke from the resin is so powerful that it can eliminate any dense energy that is in your home, your body and mind.

La Mirra, provider of tranquility:

Myrrh for bad energy

Many times we have heard that myrrh is one of the sacred gifts that Baby Jesus received at his birth, from the hands of one of the Three Wise Men, so this element has always been seen as an important protective amulet.

Myrrh It is an aromatic gum resin that is extracted from the bark of various species of Commiphora, common trees in Egypt.

Its use is collected from ancient Egypt, where myrrh was burned at noon in honor of Ra, and it was also smoked in the temples dedicated to Isis.

In addition, it is said that, through its use, the Egyptians established communication with their gods.

Incense myrrh is used for the protection, purification and healing of negative energies, and is a very good connector for spirituality.

It acts as a purifying element of any physical space and provides peace and tranquility to the environment. In addition, it is said that it can enhance the power of any incense.

Incense to attract health, love and success:

Incense for bad energy

Incense It is a very spiritual element, also used to create a pleasant and calm atmosphere in our home.

It has great power, and strongly attracts love, fortune, good energy and triumphs. Depending on what we want, there will be the aroma that we must choose, since there are multiple types of incenses.

But we must know that smoking with Incense brings personal growth, the ability to lead and succeed.

In addition, the smoke and the intense aroma take away selfishness, foolishness, excessive ambition and excess opportunism and instead opens our mind and balances us in body and spirit.

In the following article you can learn about some types of incenses that you can use and their meaning, so that you can use it according to your needs.

Some powerful and effective cleanses you can do:

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