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How to protect your business from bad energy? 3 easy ways

How to protect your business

Our business, and our workplace as such, is a physical space in which we usually spend a large part of the day.

Therefore, we must also pay attention to protecting it against negative energy and bad desires.

And it is that our business is the way we have to generate income, if we succeed in the area that we develop, we will obtain economic abundance and prosperity and we will have health, success and triumphs in life.

But that of course, can be a reason for envy and bad eyes, so we must ensure our business so that the good vibes always flow and allow us to continue obtaining good results.

Here are some simple ways to protect our business, although you can also use scented candles, flowers, and plant plants that limit the bad.

1. Clean Spirituals for the business and attracting customers

Spiritual cleansings with certain elements help us remove that bad vibe that can get stuck in the corners of our business that does not allow us to advance or obtain the results we expect.

Some of spiritual cleansings that we can do in our business are:

Cleaning rice with water to scare away the bad

In addition to absorbing water, rice also absorbs bad energies and drives away evil spirits, which is why cleaning with rice water is extremely popular.

We must use the rice water to mop and clean our business, thus we clean the bad vibrations.

We can do this spiritual cleansing as many times as necessary and to finish it, we light incense of lavender, basil, rosemary or rue so that the aroma helps to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Powerful cinnamon cleanse for luck

Adding cinnamon to the water with which we clean our business will prevent bad energy from accumulating in the corners and at the same time it will call for luck and prosperity.

  • We can also place a cinnamon stick in the room and light it, so that the smoke eliminates all the bad energies and makes good luck flow.

Likewise, we can boil a pot with ground or stick cinnamon so that the steam floods our business and eliminates negative energy residues from any corner.

A cleaning with Romero so that the good comes in

Rosemary is one of the oldest plants associated with magic, and is used for energetic cleansings in workplaces and businesses, as it provides a positive and relaxed atmosphere, and neutralizes bad energies that may want to penetrate.

This plant has cleansing and purifying properties, and its burning clears negative energies. It is used especially for the protection of the home and to attract good luck.

2. Incenses that activate the good vibes in the business

This aromatic element not only generates a pleasant smell throughout the premises, but can also clean and purify the environment, warding off bad energies and negative spirits that have clung to us.

Therefore, it is an excellent idea to place it in our workplace or business, to avoid bad vibes.

Incense also benefits us because:

  • attracts luck and fortune,
  • drives away disease and generates good health,
  • let the love flow and
  • helps to spiritually clean the premises.

It is important to spread it all over the place and especially in the corners where bad influences can accumulate, among them we can use:

Cinnamon incense to keep the money flowing:

The scent of cinnamon incense clears our minds and attracts luck and material prosperity, and is very popular in business.

  • Put a cinnamon incense in our workplace will attract money and customers to our business.

It will also eliminate negativity and act as a repellent against bad vibes, making us get better results and have good luck.

A lavender incense to scare away fear:

The scent of lavender fights disturbances in our spirit and frees us from fear, as well as enhancing concentration.

This type of incense improves our economy if we use it in our work, since it removes bad vibrations and helps us to make plans.

Myrrh frankincense as protection:

Myrrh frankincense is a powerful protector, which can ward off any kind of bad vibes.

Its aroma acts as a shield that, placed in our business, protects us from any type of harm or evil that we may receive through bad eyes and the envy of other people.

You can also clean the bad vibes from both people and rooms, be it at home or at work. Likewise, it frees us from evil spirits and harmful influences.

Patchouli incense for fortune:

The scent of patchouli attracts abundance and prosperity into our lives, which is why many people use it in their businesses to promote economic development and personal growth.

Basil incense to achieve our triumphs:

Basil is the plant that calls our lives success and drives away bad luck so that we can progress and succeed.

It is strongly linked to the good vibes in business and in everything related to money.

That is why it is always good to place basil incense in our home or in our workplace to attract luck and material prosperity.

  • If we want to have her protecting us all the time, we can plant it and place it in the business, just like the rue plant, it will avoid all the bad and make all the good flow.

3. Amulets are protective shields

4 Amulets: Hand of Jamsa, Flaming Star, Eye of Horus and Ganesha

Amulets are sacred objects that can protect us personally, but they can also create a shield around the physical space where we place them, to prevent bad vibes and negative desires from penetrating.

  • We can place them at the entrance door, near our desk, or in a visible place, where it blocks the evil that tries to enter the premises.

These are some of the most popular that, although they are from other cultures and religiosity, are very powerful and ancestral as protective shields in businesses and homes:

Hand of Jamsa, Hamsa or Fatima

The well-known Hand of Fatima is an Arabic amulet that has been used in the Middle East for a long time. Jamsa or Hamsa means "five", and it is believed to be related to the hand of God.

In North Africa it was used as a tribute to the goddess Tanit, associated with the moon and fertility, and later it was related to protection, authority, strength and power in other cultures.

The hand of Fatima varies its meaning according to its placement:

  • Upwards, the hand is related to strength, power, blessing and is used against the evil eye and to protect the person who carries it.
  • Down, means luck, patience, love.

Tetragrammaton or flaming star

It is an amulet that is related to the Old Testament by the name of God.

This symbol has been used for various causes, although it is believed to be an excellent talisman for protection against all evil, theft of property and damage.

That is why it is feasible to place it in our business.

Eye of horus

It is a very famous symbol of Egypt, related to the myth of the brothers Osiris and Seth. It is used as a magical talisman for protection, health, and rejuvenation.

Ganesha and the elephant

The elephant as an amulet comes from the Hindu tradition, thanks to the god of wisdom, Ganesha, who is a man with the head of an elephant.

In addition, in India the elephant is related to good luck, wealth, work, good memory, so we can also place an elephant ornament in the business and it will bring us a lot of luck.

This is because in its animal form, it is used for the protection of the family and home and also to take care of workplaces.

You can also take spiritual baths to purify your body after cleansing:

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