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How to protect yourself from the Santeros and Santeria? You must know this.

How to protect yourself from Santeros

Surely it makes you very curious to know how to protect yourself from the santeros, right? It is a question that can easily be answered, since the Osha-Ifá Rule is based on giving, receiving and thanking, not on hurting, therefore, you do NOT need protection against “santeros”, as we Iyalosha and Babalosha are usually called, because we do not harm anyone, our faith is one of love and respect. 

Why do you think you should protect yourself from people who practice Santeria?

I tell you something, you are not trying to protect yourself from a santero, you want to protect yourself from “a Bad Person”, of a Religious Evil, who uses Santeria and its sacred religion to harm, to hurt and stain the legacy and sacred heritage of the Orishas and ancestors.

So you may still be wondering How to counter Santeria? But it is that Santeria is a good religion that is sometimes used for evil, better called Osha-Ifá rule, what you should do is clean up those spells and witchcraft that were maliciously done against you in the name of Santeria, and although the weight of that evil falls on religion, the responsibility lies with those who practice it for evil purposes.

Remember: There is no bad religion, only bad religious

If you feel that you have been wronged, seek help, consult yourself at the foot of the Orishas and Eggun For them to tell you what is happening, look for someone you trust to help you do a spiritual cleansing in your life and reverse the damage they have done to you.

It is best to consult so that they do spiritual works and specific works according to the evil that has been done to you, however, We leave you 3 very good rituals for this purpose.

  1. Spiritual bath of white flowers and cascarilla to eliminate bad energies
  2. Ebbó with Shango to remove obstacles House and business cleaning!
  3. Ebbó with 3 eggs at the foot of Eleguá so that the roads open

How to recognize a heart Santero?

  1. the santeros they are like strong rooted trees in the sacred land of tradition, with its branches reaching towards the sky in search of the connection with the divine.
  2. An authentic santero is like a beacon in the dark, guiding those who seek spiritual guidance towards the light and wisdom of the orishas.
  3. The santeros are like bridges between the material world and the spiritual world, connecting people with the energy and power of the orishas.
  4. A genuine santero is like a clear and pure mirror that reflects the purity and the goodness of the orishas, ​​helping others to discover their own divine essence.
  5. The santeros are like doctors of the soul, using rituals and sacred practices to heal emotional and spiritual wounds, restoring balance and inner harmony.
  6. A true santero is like a dedicated gardener who cultivates and nurtures the garden of the orishas, ​​creating a sacred space where peace and prosperity can flourish.
  7. The santeros are like divine artists, using dance, music and song to honor and celebrate the beauty and creativity of the orishas.
  8. An authentic santero is like a wise and brave guardian, protecting and defending the tradition and ethical principles of Santeria against any deviation or misuse.
  9. The santeros are like bright stars in the night sky, illuminating the path of those who seek find your purpose and meaning in life through connection with the orishas.
  10. A genuine santero is like a mighty river that flows with the energy of the orishas, bringing life, purification and renewal to all who immerse themselves in its sacred waters.

As religious, we must help and teach with humility, we have moral and ethical codes to comply with as part of our philosophy. If you find someone who calls himself a "santero" and hurts you unjustly, he is not a true religious person and we should not be judged equally for that religious evil, that is evident.

Our religion is not from the devil, as many think, it is based on ancestral precepts and teachings, and as such, our mission is to follow them with love and respect for others. 

Thousand blessings to you, and remember, consult yourself and remove that damage from above, trust the orishas that sooner or later return the evil to whoever caused it. You trust.

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