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How to recognize if we buy pure or adulterated honey? Its importance

How to recognize pure honey

Maybe you wonder why it is important to know ...

And it is that pure honey gives us many more benefits than a honey mixed with other components, not only because it will provide us with more health benefits but because as a spiritual element, pure honey is more powerful for rituals.

Honey is a powerful element for health and spirituality

Pure honey is extremely popular as it has many health benefits.

This product is a great natural remedy to treat colds and throat problems, as well as being included in treatments to restore and care for hair and skin.

And although we always like honey as a tasty and nutritious food that provides us with numerous benefits, due to its high content of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, We must learn to distinguish if we are buying adulterated honey.

Recent studies indicate that more than 75% of the honey that is marketed is adulterated, that is, the pure natural product is mixed with glucose solutions or poor quality honeys, with a high water content.

What is pure honey?

Pure honey means that the product made by the bees has not been añasaid nothing, nor has it undergone any process to modify it.

This is the honey that has been collected from the hive and has been packaged.

In spirituality its purity will help us to receive more of its energy and power, as we would have a pure, natural product, just as nature gives it to us.

In addition, this is a first-rate antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal substance for health, as well as a highly nutritious product.

4 Tests to distinguish a «Natural and Pure Honey«

There are simple tests that we can carry out at home, to find out if the honey we buy is pure and of good quality or if, on the contrary, it is adulterated or contains a lot of water.

1. Read the label before buying

The first and simplest thing to do before buying a jar of honey is to read the label.

If they include high fructose syrup or commercial glucoseWe must know that the product was adulterated to prevent it from solidifying, because, although the honeys are liquid, over time, they tend to solidify or "sugar".

2. Take a teaspoon of honey and place it in a glass of water

If the honey that we put in the glass dissolves, it is not pure, it has been adulterated. Pure honey should stay together, like a solid, when immersed in water.

3. Mix a little honey with water and vinegar

On a mixture of honey and water, we place four or five drops of vinegar essence. If foam forms, the honey may be adulterated with plaster.

4. Burn honey to recognize its purity

We light a match and burn some honey. If it ignites and burns, it is pure. The poor quality contains water and this prevents it from burning.

So how to recognize pure honey instantly? Remember If you buy honey and it is already crystallized or solidified, that honey is pure, we must doubt the most liquid ones, which are usually the ones we buy.

And although not so pure honey is just as powerful, we must bear in mind that its benefits will be less, because its greatest virtues are found in its purity.

Some powerful rituals with honey and other elements:

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