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How do you know if you are a Medium and which type you are according to Allan Kardec?

How to know if you are a Medium

When people sense the dominance of the spirits they are called «Mediums»

And it is that many of us from time to time have intuitions of doing this or that and we hear a voice alerting us whether or not we are going that way or place.

The ability to listen to that inner voice is an aptitude that corresponds to humans, but not everyone has the gift of intuiting spirits or of guessing a past, a present and a future.

I help you in this article to discover the signs that you are or are not a Mediúm ...

According to Allan Kardec there are different Types of Medium, among the main ones are:

Mediums are people who have diverse faculties and can manifest themselves clearly and concisely, but not all spirits are presented in the same way.

The Physical Effects Mediums

While some say that they are mediums, in this case Allan Kardec they do not consider it mediumship because they are not moved by the presence of a spirit.

  • Being mediumship that faculty or gift that enables us to come into contact with the spiritual world.

These people have capacities that produce material phenomena such as moving inactive bodies, that is, they do not move by themselves, and they also cause noise.

Now, according to Allan Kardec, these people transmit a certain amount of innate electricity and, with simple contacts, they attract and repel things, thus causing movements and noises.

Sensitive or impressionable mediums 

These people are able to sense the spirits in the areas of their body.

An example of this is when you feel that they touch you and sometimes you don't even realize it.

  • Although also in this case it may be that you feel it but it is not a spirit exactly, but your nerves are delicate.

That is why Allan Kardec says that these sensitive mediums do not have a well-defined character.

On impressionable mediums Allan Kardec gives an example of how the blind instinctively recognize someone or something when they approach them.

So are these mediums, who feel those companies of spirits by their side and can realize if they are good or bad beings. He also says that this mediumship develops with practice.

The auditory mediums 

They are those people who hear the voice of the spirit within, but other times that voice can come from the outside very clearly.

Thus in this way these people enter into conversations with the spirits as if they were alive.

Over time they are already recognizing what spirit speaks to him through the timbre of his voice.

  • These mediums transmit what they usually hear from spirits.

The talking mediums 

These people express themselves without knowing what they are saying, although they are awake and in a normal state.

They say things that they have never said, they can speak another language, even transmit knowledge that they do not have, and they never remember what they said.

Here the spirit wants to communicate and uses the organ that it finds most flexible in that person.

The sighted mediums 

These people are endowed with being able to see spirits, some can see them while awake and remember them, others in a state between asleep and awake.

  • According to Allan Kardec, this power is not permanent, only temporary.

And he states that in reality what he sees is the soul of that person, not his eyes, that is why they can see both awake and asleep.

The healing mediums 

They are the people who with a simple look, or by touching or making certain gestures, can heal without the aid of medicines.

The pneumatographic mediums 

They are the people trained to achieve direct writing, it is very rare to see this scribe medium among mediums.

  • You can only tell if you have it through practice and experience.

Depending on the power of the medium, traits, letters, words, signs, phrases and even entire pages can be obtained.

The foreboding mediums 

They are the people who have intuitions of what could happen. They tend to perceive the outcomes of the things they say and intertwine events.

  • Those things, manifestations or events come to mind when they are inspired.

Did you discover the signs to know if you are a Medium?

In summary, there are many people who have this innate gift and others acquire it over time, the medium is the instrument of a spirit, he is passive, and what he says and does does not come from him.

It is a wonderful gift but at the same time you have to know how to handle it, and develop it little by little to use it for the good of people and ourselves.

Acquiring new skills and abilities of this gift that the spirits gave us will depend on our spiritual growth.

  • As data it is important to know that Allan Kardec He was French, he was a translator, a teacher, a philosopher and classified and studied elements about the knowledge of spiritism, a heritage that he has bequeathed to us until today.

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