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10 Aspects to keep in mind when Tending Eggún's Roof. Get to know them!

How the eggún tile is cared for

Eggun's Tile, a symbol of consecration of the Yoruba religion and an element of communication with the spiritual world, is the power of Ifá, so it must always be set up and supported by babalawos consecrated in Orun.

In the ceremony for this, the ancestors are prayed and invoked through religious songs and the sacrifice of animals, to have the permanent protection of the spirits.

Possessing the tile is a necessity when a person has received some type of initiation, such as the warrior orishas or the hand of Orula.

Attentions to the Eggun Tile: An Indispensable Foundation

Attention to the roof tile Eggun In the Rule of Osha (Santeria) it is in respect and tribute to our ancestors and deceased protectors who help us and protect us on the earthly plane.

In the sacred attentions that we must offer to the ancestors through this consecrated element, we will have to take into account some specifications, we present some of them.

Do you know how Eggún's Tile is served?

  1. Attention to Eggún's tile is carried out outside the house, within the symbol of cascarilla which defines the part where Eggun lives. Outdoors it is usually cared for between the roots of a tree.
  1. The deceased are offered fresh water, drinks, tobacco, flowers, and cooked foods without salt in general. Also those foods and attributes that the deceased liked are offered in case it is a relative or acquaintance.
  1. The attentions are changed every 7 days, or according to what the godfather indicates and what the spirits manifest at the time of assembling said power.
  1. In the corner dedicated to the dead, there must also be an Eggun staff, called the dead man's staff, which must also be consecrated by the Babalawo.
  1. For attention to the tile of EggúnAlways have a glass with water, coffee, bread, liquor, milk, tea, juice, fruits, and food without salt, as we explained previously.

The spirits of the deceased must eat even before Eleguá and the Orishas, ​​to have their permanent support and protection.

  1. To change the attention to the tile, you must also have essential elements such as candles, cascarilla, guinea pepper, corojo butter, coconut, corn, jutia and smoked fish.  
  1. By providing attention to the dead, 9 candles are lit representing the immortality of the spirit, then it is cleaned with cascarilla, a powerful element that preserves from death and covers the osogbos (negative energies).
  1. As an offering and sacrifice, a dove is also offered on the consecrated tile, and a gourd with water is placed, and honey is spread for sweetness.
  1. Offerings to the tile must always be nine in number. In addition, at the end of the offering, the Eggunes with the coconuts should be asked if they have received the offering and if they liked it.
  1. The number 9 is Eggun's mark, so everything that is offered must go in quantities of that number.

The most important thing in the attentions to Eggun is that you do it with respect, the veneration of ancestor spirits keeps us in balance, and the offerings that we offer will bring light and well-being to our lives.

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