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How do I know my Guardian Angel in Santería? Whose son am I?

how to know which is my guardian angel

In our Yoruba religion, an Orisha chooses us to protect us from before we are born.

The Orisha Alagbatorí directs our spiritual head and according to our Yoruba belief before birth we kneel before Olofin to receive our destiny and our mission on earth.

No one can choose an Orisha Alagbatorí (our Guardian Angel), the Orisha chooses us.

How is a person's Guardian Angel determined?

How to know which is your Guardian Angel

This question is perhaps one of the questions that people ask the most within religion.

At some point in our lives, when we begin to initiate ourselves into religion, and we enter the ancestral world of the Orishas, ​​curiosity dominates us and wanting to feel protected, we set out to know who guides our head.

The thing is that many people They believe that through an online test, tarot or with the date of birth and name You can tell, and it doesn't really work that way.

The Guardian Angel (or also called Tutelary Orisha) to a person who is not initiated in Santeria (aleyo) can be determined either through the Caracol (with the priest Oba Oriate) or with Orunmila (with the Ifá board at through a Babalawo through a ceremony).

A controversial issue among religious.

However, it is necessary to point out that on this subject there is considerable disagreement between religious, since different points of view are exposed about who is really empowered to perform this ceremony.

Many religious argue that the only way to know our tutelary orisha is through a babalawo and the ceremony of obtaining the "hand of Orula", I think it is necessary to mention, to avoid misunderstandings, that there is great discrepancy in this matter.

Product of the process of acculturation of religions and their expansion in Latin America, the traditions, practices and uses of our religion have taken as many forms as roots of a tree, but what is important above all is the respect we owe to our Orishas.

Knowledge and respect should guide this ceremony.

It is essential that when defining our Guardian Angel it is done correctly and by a person who has vast knowledge, a wrong decision can have serious consequences for our lives.

Choosing the wrong path for a person new to religion can cause problems in both mind and body and is not a mistake that can be made good once done. 

We are all children of Olodumare above all things.

We all have a Guardian Angel to protect us, without exception we are exceptional children of the Orishas on earth, and all the saints are worthy of directing our heads, it is not true that some are more powerful than others.

It is common to hear that only Obatala It gives us health, but in reality, all the Orishas bring health, strength and well-being in our life.

No matter who your Angel is, you must accept it with all the love and respect in the world.

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