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How is an Eshú-Elegua made in Ifá? His sacred Elements

How to make an Elegua

Many of us have received the powerful Orisha Eleguá or we want to receive it, and like many other doubts of the Yoruba religion we wonder How is an Eleguá made?

With the permission of my guardian angel, Orunmila and my ancestors, I will explain in a general way, without delving into the subject out of respect for our religion, the elaboration of Eshú-Elegguá in Ifá.

Recall that much religious wisdom we must know to a certain extent and others must be kept secret because they are sacred, therefore, they cannot be explained out of respect for our religion.

Nor should all the necessary ingredients and elements of some ceremonies be shared, since they belong to religious secrets, this article is intended to provide general knowledge.

Fundamental basis for the elaboration of an Eshú-Elegguá

The fundamental basis for making an Elegguá is the earth, because it is the mother of nature, on which we depend and to which we owe ourselves. From her we were born and to her we will return.

For the elaboration of an Elegguá, the following lands are mainly needed:

* Land of the mountain:

One of the first creations of nature were the mountains with their stable vegetation, which house mysterious and sacred spirits, secrets of animal and plant life.

* Land of a bibijagua anthill:

The bibijaguas ants are very industrious, persevering and work in an organized way.

On the land where they make their nests, there are really ingenious works carried out by them and for this their land is appreciated.

* Plowed Land:

Basically, men live by cultivating and planting, and we know that for its best use and productivity the land is plowed. It is a land with great value related to sacred food and abundance.

* Land of the graveyard:

When we die we end up on earth and enter the spirit world. It is the end of existence.

The aforementioned lands are fundamental for the elaboration of an Elegguá, but others can also be added according to the path or the treaty of the Oddún de Ifá. In this life there are always several paths, as in the Yoruba religion, many times it is not the same for everyone.

Other lands that may be needed:

These lands are usually taken from special places on a spiritual level, like a hill, with 4 corners, from some path, from the sea, from the river, from the cave of a crab and others, as the case may be.

Preparation of Elegua and other powerful elements:

  • After having the soil, these are mixed with ground egg shells from a chicken.

As well the egg has its spiritual meaning because it represents the rebirth, the resurrection, the creation of life.

  • to this mixture you can añasay also: iron or other metal filings, ground glass; different waters that can be from a river, from the sea, from a well, and other natural elements such as sticks and specific herbs, depending on the path of Elegguá in which one is born.
  • As well carry omiero, which is a herbal sacred liquid belonging to the Orishas widely used in the Rule of Osha -Ifá or Santeria.
  • Brandy is poured, a very appreciated drink in the Yoruba religion, honey, smoked jutía, smoked fish, roasted corn, corojo butter, entrails and animal heads to give spiritual life, something that cannot be missing is Orunmila's iyefá, which is a sacred powder and ancient with great religious value.

The power of Orunmila's Iyefa when making an Elegua

Iyefá is always prepared with yam powder (tuber fruit) that according to the Yoruba legend, when the osogbos (the evils, the negative) try it, they lose their strength to attack the person who uses it.

However not only has yam powder, also herbs, asheses such as coconut, jutía and smoked fish and many other ingredients.

Then you begin to pray the Odun or signs where the path of that Elegguá and other signs are born, they are beautiful and very powerful ceremonies that They are performed to deliver great spiritual power to the religious.  

This process is sacred, it is the preparation of an Orisha that it will be ready to safeguard and protect the paths of the life of the religious, for this reason its correct elaboration is so important, and that the ashé, knowledge and wisdom of the priest is appropriate.

Blessings to you and may Eleggua always protect you.

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