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How is a Spiritual Mass performed? Give birth to the spirits

Spiritual mass

La Spiritual Mass it is a way of honoring the spirits and seeking their support and protection.

It is a syncretic element adopted by the Afro-Cuban religion resulting from spiritualistic rites and Catholic Masses.

Hen/Stag spiritual masses involve a gathering of people invoking Eggun entities or spirits of the deceased, before a spiritual vault.

This spiritual space that is created in the name of the spirits manages to establish a connection with beings of light, but also with dark beings, therefore the person who is performing the mass must have the necessary knowledge to guide and connect on the spiritual plane, in favor of all present.

How do you start a Mass? 

Spiritual Masses are held in many ways, depending on the person who guides them and the religious customs that they have. In spiritual matters each person has particular gifts, which can even be expressed in the way that the spirits guide and indicate.

The Mass begins with the reading of prayers of love to the Heavenly Father and others for the invocation of the spirits, so that they attend and establish communication.

The assistants sit around the table that constitutes the main axis of the altar that will be covered with a white tablecloth and objects that make up the Vault, in a resting position, addressed to the guide spirits.

On both sides, the main mediums sit and this prayer is said:

Prayer that begins the Spiritual Mass:

We pray to the Almighty Lord to send us good spirits to assist us, to ward off those who might mislead us, and to give us the necessary light to distinguish truth from deception.

Separate also the malevolent spirits, incarnate or disembodied, who could try to put discord between us and divert us from charity and love of neighbor.

If someone tries to enter here, make sure that they do not find access to any of us.

Good spirits who deign to come here to instruct us, make us docile to your advice and divert selfishness, envy and jealousy from us, inspiring indulgence and benevolence for our fellow men present and absent, friends and enemies..

Finally, in the sentiments of charity, humility and self-denial that we feel encouraged, we recognize your healthy influence.

To the mediums you commission to transmit your teachings to us, give them the awareness of the sanctity of the mandate that has been entrusted to them and of the seriousness of the act that they are going to carry out, so that they may have the necessary fervor and recollection.

If in this meeting there are people who are attracted by feelings other than good, open their eyes to the light and God forgive them if they come with bad intentions.

We particularly ask the spirit of our spiritual guide to assist us and watch over us.

Assisting and enlightening the guides and protectors

For the realization of a Spiritual Mass, You will always require glasses with water, as communication elements with the plane of the spirits, especially with those protectors, guides and workers.

A candle will be lit at the beginning of the mass and will be allowed to consume in its entirety, although it must be replaced if it is going out and the session has not yet concluded.

Candles are a basic and very important element in any ceremony because it connects us with the spiritual planes.

Importance of celebrating Spiritual Masses

Hen/Stag Spiritual Masses, in addition to allowing communication with the Egguns in certain situations, they help the spirits to calmly continue their way to the afterlife.

They also allow us to develop mediunimic capacities and give attention to some Eggun entity that needs it, giving light and elevation to stagnant spirits or who need assistance.

Likewise, the Spiritual Mass It allows us to show the ancestors important steps in people's lives, such as consecrations.

Through it you can know the names, characteristics and qualities of those spirits of light that accompany you.añany protect, these beings communicate through the mass, they speak to you, asking you to assist them and give them light.

Between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden, and it is precisely the spiritual mass that allows us to discover, investigate and understand the secrets that lie beyond the earthly plane.

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