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Magic, love and luck: Properties of Lavender Do you know how to use it?

How to use lavender

Lavender is a very versatile plant, Since ancient times it has been used by humanity as an aromatic, medicinal and esoteric herb, where the oils extracted from it play a crucial role in the performance of rituals designed to attract love and fortune.

Shine baths with lavender to attract prosperity

The lilac-colored plant has been used to soothe the mind and body, bringing the inner self to a high level of relaxation and self-understanding, allowing you to leave your worries behind and focus on your future goals.

This is the herb par excellence that is used to attract attention due to its peculiar color and smell.

The man uses its essence and its active principle to carry out polishing and purification baths, which have different purposes.

Among which we can highlight the attraction of:

  • Prosperity,
  • love,
  • peace and  
  • tolerance with their mistakes and with the attitudes of their peers.

Lavender oil unifies couples

It is believed that lavender oil and incense made with this plant is useful to bring love closer and even rebuild relationships, which for various reasons were not in good condition.

Emphasizing that the plant will provide good vibrations, but will not extinguish the evil that stopped the couple, mainly if it depends on changes in actions or behaviors.

The intoxicating elixir of lavender perfume

Lavender perfume is used when you want to persuade someone, its seductive aroma is almost addictive.

This creates an extraña sensation of pleasure that numbs the senses, making us voluntarily docile to the wishes of the other person.

Lavender incense conveys harmony

The incense that is made from lavender is ideal to unify the marriage and create carefree environments at work and harmonics at home, making good wishes predominate and energy flows becoming creative materials.

For the reasons mentioned above, lavender incense is established as the incense of harmony.

The hidden properties of lavender Did you know these secrets to use it?

If you present difficulty relaxing placing a lavender incense in the habitation where you are will solve the problem, because with its aroma the herb will help your brain reduce stress.

How to use lavender to sleep?

A sachet with lavender leaves under your pillow will ensure that you can quickly fall asleep due to the stress-relieving properties it has.

Other rituals that attract the good vibes and help us prosper:

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