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How to be stronger in spirit? 5 Tips that will help you

How to have a strong spirit

The weakness of spirit sometimes appears, a consequence of the constant problems of daily life, and it is difficult not to feel that feeling of dread for the present and for what is to come.

When we are weak we move away from our goals and dreams, that is why it is necessary to understand our fears and overcome them, try every day with faith without losing strength.

We need to be stronger emotionally, and that doesn't mean being cold or moody or pretending to feel absolutely nothing. No, it is not strength to override fear or unpleasant emotions, nor is it not to feel pain.

It is learning to face a life that, although sometimes it will not be so wonderful, and other times it will be very hard, it is ours, it is unique and special, a blessing from God. We must find our inner strength and apply it to the emotional world to be more aware, strong and understanding of others.

Being emotionally stronger indicates resilience, the ability to face problems and take on challenges with confidence. Emotional strength allows us to face any challenge, accept the reality that we had to live and do the best we can, even if we have very little.

How to have a strong spirit?

When you feel that life is failing you, that nothing makes sense and that everything is getting worse, these tips will help you find inner peace and strength

1. Take care of yourself and have faith

Life can be tough, stressful, fast and scary, so we have to take care of ourselves and disconnect from the outside at times. We must stop being so demanding with ourselves and remind ourselves that not everything is work and economy, we have to relax and spend time with our loved ones and be happy.

Without forgetting that life is one, that time passes and does not forgive. Our opportunity to live, feel and be happy is in the present. If you have faith, meditate, take time to reflect on the decisions you make, listen to your intuition and accept your reality, your body, your mind and your spirituality will be strengthened.

2. Turn obstacles into challenges to overcome, trust yourself

When life puts obstacles for us, we must see them as challenges and not as problems, only then will we be able to overcome them. Lean on others, fight and accept failures. Only then can we strengthen the spirit.

How many times have we asked ourselves, Why is this happening to me? Instead of asking ourselves this question that weakens us, let's ask what lesson are the Orishas?

So, reflect, sit alone with yourself and be sincere, do not victimize yourself. The obstacles that are crossed on the way are put for you to overcome, the orishas will never put up barriers that you are not able to face.

3. Reflect, meditate and wait for the answers of the Orishas

It is always advisable to take time to reflect and meditate, to practice self-awareness. Thinking about what worries us can help us to be emotionally stronger and recognize our needs and how they will affect us.

The orishas are often judged for not bringing into our lives that which we so eagerly ask for. But, how many times do we ask ourselves if our order suits us?

What you do not need, that hurts you and that is not positive for your life will not come just because you ask for it. Remember that the plan of the orishas is perfect, necessary and special, learn to accept it, you must be open to the signals and only then will you hear their sacred answers.

4. Accept negative emotions that are part of life

The path of life involves negative and positive emotions, we cannot be happy all the time. Emotionally strong people know how to deal with their emotions, whatever they may be. They take them on and see them as they are, a challenge to manage and face the path that we had to live.

There is no light without darkness, there is no I will go without ogsogbo, life is a balance of energy and we must learn to live with it.

We are not what happens to us, but what we are capable of doing with what happens to us. Remember that wonderful results are also born from crises, everything is as neutral as you see it. Decide to see the blessings that come into your life, even in the worst moments, accept and offer gratitude.

5. Be grateful for what you have and pursue your spiritual growth

Giving thanks every day for what has been accomplished and praying with faith will always help us to obtain spiritual tranquility and will strengthen us. It is a highly healthy exercise that will motivate us and give us hope to face the future.

In addition, having faith allows us to be able to fight for what we want without fear and without insecurities, it helps us to move forward with the conviction that everything will turn out well.

Strength of spirit and permanent faith will help us walk through life, always supported by those who guide and protect us, our Orishas. Only then will we reach the goal.

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