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How are the Daughters of Oshún? A Prayer to invoke your Beautiful Mother

Oshún is mystery and it is poetry, is the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, the one who carries the most intense human emotions.

She is an orisha of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. She is known as a very beautiful female representative of the river in the Yoruba religion and is typically associated with fresh water, purity, fertility, love, and sensuality.

She is an extremely beautiful woman who is dressed in gold, covered with jewels whose colors are yellow, gold, coral and amber. He also carries a mirror to be able to admire its beauty.

Her exuberant female figure is representative of fertility and eroticism and her laugh is as sweet as honey, which she also owns.

Although many say that her honey can turn sour when her heart breaks, because she loves with all the fibers of her being, and yet she never finds someone who can love her in the same way.

Why is Oshún so powerful in the Yoruba Pantheon?

Oshún is considered one of the most powerful of all the orishas and, like other gods, she possesses human attributes such as vanity, jealousy and resentment. It is said that he can be cheerful and jovial, but that his spirit is actually taciturn and vindictive.

The patakis (legends) of the Yoruba religion say that Oshún is the youngest of all the Orishas. When Olodumare, the supreme being, created the earth, and all its gods, the trees and flowers, fruits and animals, he felt that something essential was missing.

He realized then that he must create sweetness and love, the two things that make life worthwhile. Thus Oshún arose and was sent to Earth to watch over human feelings. That is why she is the Orisha of love, femininity, seduction and affection.

In nature, it rules over rivers and has a close relationship with Yemayá, Orisha of the Seas, as they are related in terms of natural elements and their powers for romance, marriage and motherhood.

She is the goddess of fresh waters and the protector deity of the Oshún River in Nigeria. Along this river there is a sacred forest, dedicated to her called the Osun-Osogbo grove that has 40 shrines, and 2 palaces, as well as many sculptures and works of art.

The Sacred Grove is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.

Characteristics of the Daughters of Oshún:

Sunflowers for the goddess Oshún

Although the male children of Oshún also possess many qualities that the crown of their mother Oshún has given them, today we will dedicate this article to their daughters and their characteristics.

The daughters of Oshún They are as diverse as the flowing waters, so some can be calm and crystalline and others fast and agitated like the current of the river.

Some of the qualities that many agree on are:

  • Love for the beautiful things in life
  • They are distinguished by sensuality and passion
  • They love money, wealth and making a fortune
  • They watch over the protection of their children, she is a good mother and a good friend
  • Successful and very enterprising
  • Strong of character, it is not known when they will be angry
  • Highly emotional and susceptible to criticism
  • They don't like boredom
  • They adore excesses and eccentricity  
  • Sentimental objects are very important to them.
  • They love parties and being around people
  • They like bright and vivid colors
  • They love to flirt and use their weapons of seduction to their advantage
  • They make most of their decisions based on their instincts

Other virtues and defects that define the Daughters of the Orisha:

In general, the sons and daughters of Oshún are very cheerful and attractive people, and they like everything to look perfect and ostentatious, because like their Mother Orisha, they adore abundance, fortune and jewels.

However, they are characterized by being bad with money management and tend to live beyond their means whenever they have the possibility.

The daughters of Oshún fundamentally resemble the Orisha in terms of sensuality and eroticism.

They tend to be very passionate women, who enjoy their beauty. But they are also extremely sensitive and that can often make them unhappy in their relationships.

The daughters of Oshún enjoy the simplest pleasures in life such as eating, loving, sharing with their loved ones, listening to music and enjoying their sexuality with their partners, but they are also strong and empowered women, who succeed on their own in life. life.

Oshún always protects his children with Tips to keep them on the right track...

Oshún is considered a charitable mother and very protective of her sons and daughters.

He will always defend them, but he will also demand that they march on the right path, which is why Oshún advises his children through phrases such as:

  • Watch what you eat
  • Take care of your dead and the spirits that accompany youañan
  • Don't abuse the motherfuckers, be humble
  • Beware of excesses and walk with a firm step
  • Respect all women and the elderly
  • Be a good mother or father

The daughters and sons of Oshún They must always respect these designs of the goddess to have her protection, since she will always defend them against any difficult situation or obstacle.

How can they invoke the Children of Oshún to their Mother with a prayer?

Yellow roses and candles for Oshún

Oshún can grant all the wishes of the heart of his sons and daughters, if they have followed the good path that she dictates and invokes her with respect, trust and love.

As a powerful goddess she holds the keys to love, success, prosperity and pregnancy, but we must bear in mind that we cannot invoke her with bad intentions or in vain.

In addition, we must not make him a promise that we cannot keep, because Oshún values ​​loyalty and commitment above all else.

  1. At the time of praying to him, we can offer him some of his favorite offerings on his altar such as sunflowers, honey, pumpkin or oranges, as well as golden coins and shiny objects as he loves them.
  2. Then we talk to him like a mother and we tell him our joys and we thank him for his blessings.
  3. We also share with her our difficulties and problems and ask for her help and support to get out of bad times.

With this prayer the children of Oshún pray to their mother and spiritual guide:

Oshún, beautiful among the beautiful, Powerful Orisha

You who wrap the destiny of your children in a trail of light and illuminate their steps so that they advance safely

I ask you, Orisha of the sweet waters, that your crystalline purity does not allow the mist to cloud my life and my goals

Don't let go of my hand, Mother, and guide me along this path that can be as dangerous as it is beautiful

You who can do everything, watch over me and mine, and do not allow envy and bad desires to penetrate my home.

Powerful Mother, protector and feminine, give me your ashé and your strength to face all the challenges of life

I promise you that I will always count on you and follow your designs, that I will know how to respect and venerate,

To walk proudly like your daughter and use the secret of your honey

So be beautiful mother Oshún

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