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What are the Children of Aggayú Solá like? The deity of the volcano in Santeria

sons of Aggayu

Aggayú Solá, the giant Orisha of the Rule of Osha:

Saludo: Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní!

This post is dedicated to the powerful Orisha of the Yoruba religion Aggayú and her children on earth, along with their most notable characteristics and qualities.

Aggayu es God of porters, boatmen and shippers.

Its name comes from Yorùbá Aginjù Solá (Aginjù: desert - So: voice - Àlá: Cover), translates "He who covers the desert with his voice."

  • In nature it is represented with the volcano, the magma, the interior of the earth, the deserts of dry land and the raging rivers.
  • Represents energy and the force of nature when natural disasters strike.
  • Lives in the river current.
  • He is an Orisha of character bellicose and angry, but very kind.
  • Your number is the 9 and its multiples.
  • It is represented with colors dark red and white or all 9 colors except black.
  • It is syncretized with Saint Christopher.
  • Your celebration takes place on July 25.

But what are the children of Aggayú like? Full of goodness, integrity and at times very sweet.

  • When we refer to the children of Aggayú, they are those people consecrated in the Rule of Osha or Santeria who have crowned the orisha, that is, who have become a saint.

Characteristics of the crowned Sons of Aggayú Solá:

The Omo (son) Aggayú are firm, courageous, persevering, haughty, impulsive and energetic.

They are people of personality strong, they are usually violent, intolerant, jealous and angry, but also, they have a sensitive and tender side.

They fight against social injustice, are generous to those around them and they love them children.

They are very cleverThey can pretend very well when they want to achieve something, they like to show off and they know what they want.

They are not fearful, nor insecure, they love freedom, have a good heart and are aware of its value.

A son of Aggayú will always be willing to help you because generosity runs through his veins, although sometimes his fury is compared to a volcano in full eruption, when everything happens he will be just as kind, he also knows how to forgive when he wants to.

Discover much more about the mighty Orisha Aggayú in the next test.

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