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How are the children of Babalú Ayé? Know its characteristics

Children of Babalú Ayé

The great orisha Babalú Ayé:

Saludo: Jekúa Babalu ayé agronic!

Its name comes from the Yoruba Babàlúaíyé which means «father of the world«.

Owns diseases, leprosy, smallpox and, in general, pests and misery.

It is an Orisha much loved and revered. Your number is 17 and its multiples and its color the purple bishop.

It is syncretized with the old man Saint Lazarus y his party is celebrated the December 17.

Below you will be able to know the main characteristics and benefits that define a son of the great father Babalú.

The Omo of Babalú Ayé:

Charitable peopleThey give all their love and affection without asking for anything in return, they are very altruistic and generous.

His charisma and understanding personality tends to attract underprivileged people in search of affection and comfort.

They are introverted, lonely and of personality somewhat complex. They always become concerned about the well-being of everyone around them, they are responsible and they always keep their promises.

They pay close attention to their spiritual well-being, and they are always attentive to what the other may need. They worry too much at times because of the problems of others and they try to help, even if the situation gets out of their hands.

The kindness and compassion that distinguishes the character of the children of Babalú Ayé, opens many paths in the lives of these people, they give so much love in his wake that many thank him, love him and respect him. Whoever has this beautiful deity crowned, undoubtedly can always count on a helping hand, because whoever makes good sowings of love for others will always have immense harvests full of blessings.

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