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What are the Children of Eleguá like? The Orisha who decides our destiny

What are the children of Eleguá like?

Eleggua is the view that follows a path, messenger of the gods and the first protection.

God of the roads, the crossroads and the opportunities. Open and close the doors and find the right ways to generate strength and unfoldment. 

Elegúa, the deity who holds the key to our happiness in Osha

Eshu Elegua
Representation of Eleguá

It is Eleguá the goalkeeper of the savannah and the mount. In nature, it is symbolized by rocks.  

  • Your number is the 3 and their colors red and black.
  • His day is Monday, and the 3rd of each month.
  • In syncretism compares with the holy child of Atocha
  • Your celebration is June 13.

Your greeting is: Laroyé Eleggúa!

The sons of Eleguá Unlike other Orishas, ​​they often receive many negative qualities, they are accused of quarrelsome and lack of morals, but the reality is that they are wonderful people, like everyone, they have defects, but they also possess many qualities that allow them to have a very sweet character. , charismatic and moving.

Characteristics of the Omo (sons) of Elegúa:

To the children of this Orisha characterizes them cunning, intelligence and skill.

They have a very particular temperament, they are very eloquent and outgoing.

Talkers by natureThey have a good word to communicate easily and tend to be very persuasive when they need to convince someone.

They are very Restless, they like a lot to walk, to travel, to be outside the house and to visit many places. They are characterized by great mental agility, are very social, and have a very flexible mentality.

Their actions can sometimes have the innocence of a child, because they are restless, creative and curious. They get bored easily and need constant changes in the different areas of their life.

They can have very moody characters, and vary in mood easily. They love attract attention, give an opinion, receive praise, praise and cause admiration in others.

The children of the Orisha Elegguá in love and relationships:

In love the children of EleguáThey are also usually unstable and bored by the everyday, they remain in the incessant search for new challenges.

They don't compromise easilyThey do not like commitments and tend to be unfaithful.

They are in love, and they can easily lose interest. 

Su restless spirit makes them good entrepreneurs, they easily identify opportunities and their status as innate communicator It makes them stand out from the rest.

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