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What are the children of Obatala like?

What are the children of Obatala like?


Greetings: Jekúa Babá!

He is the father of all children on earth. Ruler of all parts of the human body, mainly the head, thoughts and human life.

He is the creator of mankind and in nature is symbolized by the mountainsañayes His number is 8 and its multiples and his day of the week is Thursday.

It is syncretized with Our Lady of Mercedes and the day is celebrated 24 September.

Owns whiteness as a symbol of peace and purity, it also owns white metals, especially silver. Thus, his color emblematic is white, because represents times of joy and peace, justice, purity, light and truth.

Characteristics of the children of Obatala:

People who have Obatalá as a guardian angel or tutelary Orisha are very intelligent, analytical and balanced criteria, therefore they tend to be leaders due to their great role in the activities they carry out.

They are holders of great will, and their tenacity at times causes them to be considered stubborn at times.

They are generally engaged in intellectual works, so they can be writers or artists. They are reserved, respectful and calm. They are also very cautious, and they focus on the goals they want, so they do not usually regret the decisions they make.

Must control pride and pride to avoid situations that interfere in their way.

Their children they must wear frequently with white clothing in honor of the Orisha, to be purified and protected. What's more, have the commitment of follow a righteous life, based on moral rules and thus enhance the virtues of his father, being fair, generous and humble.

«He supports his children and makes them prosper, he gives them reasons to laugh and they laugh. The powerful! You who habitas with a person and you make him prosperous. The Supreme King! You who multiply only one in two hundred people! Multiply me by four hundred. Multiply me by one thousand four hundred and sixty people.
Yoruba poem dedicated to the Orisha Obatala

If you want to know more about the Orisha Obatalá, I invite you to take the following test.

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