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How are the Children of Obba Nani in the Yoruba Religion? Its qualities

Sons of Obba

Obba (Oba Nani) It is an orisha of the Yoruba religion that represents self-conscious and frustrated love, sacrifice for the person one loves.

It symbolizes marital loyalty, fidelity and the suffering of loving without being loved.

It is a deity that in nature is related to lakes and lagoons.

Obba Nani, the Fearless Warrior

Beside Oyá y Yewa habita in cemeteries and in the dead of night.

All three form a trilogy of great reckless warriors. Obba is the one who guards the tombs inside the cemetery.

She is a very loving Orisha who opens the doors of:

  • Good luck,
  • abundance,
  • happiness and
  • fortune in love.

Obba is a deity with a very haughty character, you can make songs of Obatalá or Oddua to please her. 

In the Santeria or Regla de Osha, Obba wears a pink or lilac dress and her head is covered with a scarf of the same color.

The Characteristics of Obba's sons:

Obba's children are courageous and face the defeats and obstacles in their life with great determination.

They are great warriors like their mother, they do not give up easily in the face of difficulties.

They do not know fear, they face the failures that happen in their life with great integrity.

They are credulous, caring and good faith people.

They always extend their hand to the other trying to help, although this help is not always reciprocal or reciprocated.  

They can also be very frustrated, bitter people who tend to constantly complain when situations do not conspire in their favor.

The women daughters of Obba are almost always avant-garde and feminist women, true fighters and warriors for what they propose, they defend their ideas and way of thinking.

Obba's children in love:

Obba represents frustrated love, the same self-denial of their mother can be reflected among their children, they can be sacrificed people who give everything for the person they love, they usually give their hearts without asking for anything in return, such as "all or nothing.

For this reason, they are usually people not understood in love, what they live in their romantic relationships can be full of jealousy, abandonment and regret.

  • They maintain conflictive relationships that bring disappointments and great frustrations in love.
  • In a Relationship they are stable, they are governed by what is right, faithful and very loving.
  • They can also behave in a modest way and are very respectful towards their partner.
  • Jealousy can betray you and make you very angry, indecisive, and overprotective.

Although their sentimental experiences are usually full of jealousy, abandonment and bitterness, it should not be confused with how loving and tender the Omo (son) Obba are.

Qualities in abundance Your luck!

The material, professional and intellectual sphere of their life is prosperous, their merits and victories are recognized in public, they have an image of abundance and great successes.

Their character allows them to obtain the great plans or objectives that arise in their life.

Seen this way, for Obba's children it can be something like:

"The luck they lose in love they gain in wealth and prosperity."

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