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What are the Children of Oduduwá like? ►The Orisha of Creation

What are the Children of Oduduwá like?

Spirit of great power in the Yoruba religion that lives in darkness, it is known that the real name of Oduduwa is Oddú Aremú, which means: "The years that have passed and the years to come".

Behind the meaning of this name are hidden the great secrets of this powerful deity and its relationship with life and death.

Oduduwá is the First King of Oyó and the elder dead, who created the earth and living beings together with Obbatalá and represents the mysteries and secrets of death.

He is the owner of solitude and is known as the Orisha of desires, as he is awarded the creation of the world and the care of it.

Physically, this Orisha is a very powerful spiritual mass that has no shape or figure, only a phosphorescent eye and therefore uses the spirits to manifest and help the believers with their great powers.

The children of the Orisha of secrets:

Characteristics of the Sons of Oduduwá

Oduduwá is an Orisha who has great wisdom to offer, and it is said that, despite being careful, prudent and reserved, he can stabilize a person's personality and put him on the right track, thanks to his powers as Orisha of desires.

But there is a great controversy about whether or not the children of Oduduwá exist in Cuba.

Situation that has been generated due to the fact that some priests indicate that only in Africa is there a legitimate Oduduwá priesthood that can consecrate the children of this Orisha.

But so that the cult and veneration of this saint would not be lost, it has been implanted in the line of the Rule of Osha in Cuba, that the people who are chosen as children of Oduduwá, must be consecrated indirectly, through other deities like orula u Obatala.

Characteristics of the Omo Oduduwá

The Omo (sons) Oduduwá They reflect in their character the characteristics and energy of the Orisha, they are people of iron will, somewhat stubborn in their appreciations.

They are almost always artists, they dedicate themselves to letters or the legal world because they have great intellectual capacity. They are reserved, calm and never regret their decisions.

However, around Odua's children there are many mysteries, controversies and secrets that have not yet been discovered, especially because their cult in the Afro-Cuban religion was lost over the years.

It is believed that far from the traditional belief that their children are calm and peaceful, they have aggressive, restless and impulsive personalities.

The children of Oduduwá have other qualities such as:

  • Retailers and very observant.
  • With a broad critical sense.
  • They are extremely demanding and very meticulous in everything they do.
  • They tend to be authoritarian with the people around them and quite suspicious.
  • Their mistrust is related to the fact that they are very intuitive and spiritual people, they rarely make mistakes when they do not agree with something.
  • Cautious, quiet people know when to act and how to do it.
  • Loneliness is one of the characteristics that most identifies them, in addition to being susceptible.

As a warning, it is always suggested not to drink alcoholic beverages, and to avoid salt.

They should also prefer to wear white clothing and try not to go directly to the sun or to the calm of the night.

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