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What are the Children of Oggún like? The protected of the orisha of the fortress

What are Oggún's children like?

Ogún is the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon venerated in Santeria that represents the strength, work and strength. Owner of metals, iron, tools and chains.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Òggún (war). He is a lookout for human beings and ruler of wars.

  • Its iconic colors they are green, black and reddish purple.
  • In nature is symbolized by iron and all metals.
  • He owns the mount together with Oshosi and of the roads together with Eleggúa.
  • Your day of the week it's tuesday and your number is the 3 and its multiples.
  • Oggún in the syncretism relates to San Pedro.

Twe venerate with your Sallude: Oke Oggún! Oggún Kobú Kobú, Aguanilé!

Short prayer to thank Oggún:

Owner of all hunters and holy vigilante, hunter does not sell me and all the children of the earth, give me a good path and with your arrow for all evil that comes to me, thank you, my father.

What does it mean to be the son of Oggun?

In Santería or Osha Rule, a son of Oggún is that person who consecrates himself in the Yoruba religion, popularly known as "becoming a saint" and has this sacred orisha as his Guardian Angel.

Learn about some of the qualities that define the religious who possess the Oggún crown.

Characteristics of the Children of Oggún:  

The sons of Oggún they are of temperament strong, impulsive and possessive, although they are also easygoing, very humble, passionate and with leadership power. 

They are associated with perform manual jobs, they tend to be independent and do not like to be tried to dominate them.

They are usually resentful people do not regret what they have done and it is very difficult to forgive offenses. 

They are distinguished by being People who defend their opinion on all things, unpredictable by nature, can become stubborn and impose their way of thinking.

They are fair, noble, protective, and sincere.

They are loyal and sincere people:

They like face situations head-on, but tend to be sensitive to criticism. 

They have a high sense of morals and loyalty, they like things based on the rules and are kind and sincere with the people around them.

When they propose something They succeed, they are very optimistic and do not abandon projects, they know how to cope with difficulties because they are very sure of themselves.

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Powerful and beautiful offerings that you can offer to Oggún:

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