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What are Orisha Oko's children like?

Children of Orishaoko

This Orisha fulfills a vital function in the course of nature, in this post we expose some of the characteristics of her children on earth and the traits that are glimpsed in them.

Orisha Oko:

Orishako He is a powerful male Orisha who personifies the land, agriculture and savannas. Provider of abundant crops and food for the earth.

It symbolizes the bonanza and the abundance of the crops, at its feet everything grows and develops, in nature its messengers are the bees.

Represents prosperity and fertility and barren women turn to him for salvation and healing.

Form a trilogy with Oke and Oggue, together they are the Orishas responsible for harvests, rains for crops and health for young animals.

He is the patron of farmers and peasants who are in charge of bringing daily sustenance to the table to eat, we must thank this Orisha for providing us with food.  

Greetings: Maferefun Orisha Oko!

? Characteristics of the children of Orisha Oko:

Their children tend to be prudent, hard-working, responsible people who keep their word. Their character tends to be pure and peaceful, although they are sometimes angry, suspicious, and spiteful.

They are generally organized, selective with their friends and very loyal, although they are also jealous and often resent in certain situations.  

They are people who are always waiting to help others, and are very responsible with the people who depend on them, such as parents, children or partner.

Their mentality is clear and fair, they have a great passion for achieving the common good, they are kind, humble, they always try to achieve and fight for the wishes of others.   

In social life and love:

They are not very partying, in love they do not usually have several partners, they are faithful, chaste, very decent and honest, they are promoted by great principles and high morals.

A son of Orishaoko has great respect for others, although if they disrespect him his character can become angry, they are very slow people but they should not be offended, because they can not forgive.

Economic abundance:

Economically, they are people who, thanks to their hard work, manage to achieve a balance in their life, they are responsible and constant, especially careful with their savings and family finances.

Although they are also usually stubborn and stubborn, when they set a goal, without looking to the sides they do not stop until they achieve it.

They have great ability to focus on their goals, they are very thrifty and they know how to calculate their life in detail.  

His personality tends to be a bit stubborn, they do not follow the advice they give him much, they tend to be guided by their intuition, they are jealous of their things, their family and their friends, they know what they want and they are very protective.

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