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What are Oshosi's children like?

sons of Oshosi

? Oshosi:

Wave: Oshosi Odde Mata!

It is an Orisha hunter and vigilante par excellence, wizard and sorcerer, owner of the forest and hunting.

Its name comes from from Yoruba Osóssí (Osó: sorcerer Sísé: do work Yes: for) literally translated "He who works with witchcraft." Relates to jail and with the persecuted, thus being the protector of those who have problems with justice.

It is part of the group of Orishas called warriors next to Oggun y Eleggua. Represents thought, capable of moving to places or times.

It is symbolized con the bow and arrow and is especially related to the Orisha Oggún because they live together in the mountains.

In syncretismor is compared to St. Norbert.

Its colors are blue, yellow and coral.

? Characteristics of the sons of Oshosi:

His children are smart, fast and intuitive. Tend to be very clever, they know how to spot good opportunities and they never miss out.

They are always alert and prepared for any situation that fate may throw at them, they react quickly to any signal and always take the defensive.

They are hospitable, loyal, they love to share with the family and are protective of everyone around them.  Your personality it is related to traditional, nomadic or bohemian customs.

Undoubtedly, the people who have this deity crowned, are characterized by having many virtues, cunning, sincerity and goodness are some of them. Very lively, active and very entrepreneurial people. Having the friendship of an Oshosi child is having an unconditional friend, always ready to help you, with advice and new ideas that can help you if you have their support.

? Play and learn much more about the orisha Oshosi in the following knowledge test.

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