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What are the sons of Oshún like? The Yoruba Goddess of love Meet them!

How are the children of Oshún

Oshun she rules over the sweet waters of the world, the streams and rivers and represents love and fertility, in addition, she retains the title of Iyalorde or great queen, as her children and those who adore her fervently call her.

Goddess of calm and rough waters and currents, gold fish that, habita in streams, a golden mother who protects her children, a siren who whistles and with her song covers everyone under her powerful and protective mantle.

Oshún, Yoruba goddess of love, sensuality and fertility, likes her children to be happy and enjoy the good things in life, to walk haughty, proud and confident of their blessing.

She loves that, on her day, September 12, they thank her for her blessings and show her devotion to her, the one who guides them on the spiritual path and always advises them to make them happy.

Characteristics of the sons of Oshún:

The children of Oshún are known by the name of Omo and are usually attractive and charismatic people, who like to attract attention.

We present now, some of its essential characteristics that stand out from the wonderful children of this queen:

Cheerful and attractive people

Oshún, as we explained, does not like that his children are moody or suffer, so they are characterized by being very cheerful and attractive people, in addition to having a unique charisma in society. They love to party and be the center of attention.

Also when they are sad and distressed they need support, sometimes they become weak and close in a dead end, they are very stubborn and of very strong convictions.

But when they rise up they become strong and take charge of their lives, they are not easily defeated.

They have difficulty managing money

The Omo Oshún are characterized by being bad with finances and money, as they live beyond their means and some love having someone else pay their expenses and give them luxuries.

But they are incredibly hard-working, fighters for what they want, and although they love to splurge and feel the pleasures of life at the time, they work hard to get what they want.

They like to attract attention

Clothes are very important for Oshún's children, as well as looking good at all times. They are very sensual and are very easily offended if they are not the center of attention.

They love to flirt and enjoy music and dancing. They are good dancers, talkative, social, they need to be surrounded by people, so they feel important, beautiful and sensual.

But this does not mean that they do not attract attention in other areas, since it is proven that they are independent people who can succeed in many professional spheres, especially those related to communication and customer service.

They are innate leaders and everything they do they do well, because they always look into the eyes of others, they easily see what others want and need.

They can suffer in love

Oshún's children are considered very sentimental people and tend to give everything to their partners, so they are often disappointed, sad and heartbroken.

For them it is all or nothing, they give themselves totally, without asking for anything in return, they are loving and extremely kind in their relationships. Many times they are welcomed by disappointments because they bet everything on one person, then they must be strong to get ahead.

They are also overprotective with their family and friends, very jealous and sometimes even selfish. They give everything, but they need to be thanked and told every day that they are the best parents, children or friends.

How are the daughters of Oshún?

The daughters of Oshún are characterized mainly by being women with a very sensual nature and they adore to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

They have a lot of control over their physical appearance and need to constantly look good. Vanity, flirtatious and they love to look and dress well. They have a unique natural glow, they are authentic, independent, they do not like to be told what to do because they are in charge of their lives.  

They are also very observant women who appreciate everything around them and who enjoy the pleasures of life such as eating, loving, listening to music and enjoying their sexuality.

There is nothing in this world that escapes a daughter of Iyalorde, they have a unique spirituality and clairvoyance, they are so detailed that they get to know what they want.

Daughters of Oshún and Yemayá, the Two Waters

Some daughters of Oshún and de las Dos Aguas cannot cut their hair, says the patakí that Yemayá gave Oshún her hair and in it her wealth, in her hair they bring their Ashe and if they cut it they also get rid of their prosperity and of your joy.

In addition, they must always protect each other and will have the guidance of the two goddesses every day.

All the children of Oshún are under the mantle of their powerful mother, she covers them, she never leaves them alone.

When the sadness and the afflictions of life welcome them, their mother gives them strength so that, like the currents of their rivers, they continue forward without looking back.

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