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How are the children of Oyá, Oshun and Yemaya? 3 Yoruba Queens

Characteristics of Oya Oshun Yemaya's children

Each of the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon They are defined by a particular personality, therefore, their children also have certain peculiarities that identify them.

Although each guardian angel has its own characteristics, it does not mean that they all suit your children, you may not feel identified with some of them, as it is a generalized description.

Additionally, we must remember that each of us has different social, genetic and spiritual characteristics, which define a personality and a temperament that makes us unique.

On this occasion, we present you with information about these three Orishas:

  • Oyá, Oshun and Yemayá, inseparable sisters united by love and kindness, we know the characteristics that identify them, but what are their children like? What characteristics define them? Let's see next:

Yemayá, the mother of the world and goddess of the sea:

The orisha Yemayá

Omío Yemayá Omoloddé! Yemayá Ataramawa!

Mother of all children on earth, mistress of the seas and waters in general. 

Her name comes from the Yoruba "Yemòjá" (Yeyé: mother - Omo: son - Eyá: Fish) which translates as "Mother of the fish", for this reason she is mother par excellence, represents fertility and motherhood, as a source of lifetime. In nature it is represented by the sea.  

  • In syncretism it is compared to the Virgin of Regla and her day is celebrated on September 7.
  • Your day of the week it's on Saturday.
  • Your number is the 7 and its multiples.
  • Its color it is light blue and its shades, which symbolizes purity.
  • Your greeting: Omío Yemayá Omoloddé! Yemayá Ataramawa!

Characteristics of the Children of Yemayá How are they?

Yemayá's children are willful, fighters, strong and determined.

They have a great spirit of improvement, they are constant in the achievement of their goals, they are usually very intelligent, skillful and persuasive.

They can vary in character easily, just like the waves in their mother's sea, they can be calm and collected and suddenly become impatient and irritable.

Lovers of luxury, and can sometimes act arrogant. They tend to be spiteful and very sensitive to offenses, although they forgive they never forget and for that reason they like to put friendship to the test.

They are good parents, overprotective, they are based on respect, morals and love to educate their children. They are very paternal and maternal. They are just beings, very sensitive and charismatic by nature.

If you want to know a little more about the powerful Yemayá, challenge knowledge and take this 10-question test: Who is the Orisha Yemayá? Knowledge test

  • To see Works, rituals and spiritual works to Yemayá: Click here

Oshún the goddess of the river, love and wealth:

regent orisha Oshun

Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!

Owner of the fresh waters of the world, of rivers, streams and springs. It represents love, fertility, spirituality and human sensuality.

In Santeria it is related to femininity, wealth, jewelry and ornaments.

Protects pregnant women and women in labor. It is characterized by beauty, joy, delicacy and finesse.

  • In nature it is symbolized by rivers. 
  • Its color it is yellow in all its shades.
  • It is syncretized with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba.
  • Your number is the 5 and its multiples.
  • Your greeting: Yalodde Yeyé Kari! Yeyeo! Omoriyeyeo!

Characteristics of the Children (omo) of Oshún:

Not all their children are the same, since Oshún has many paths, but they are generally altruistic, sensual and hard-working people.

They always take into account the opinion of others and they care a lot, to the point of interfering in making their decisions.

They like to have the leading role, they are haughty and guerrilla fighters.

Socially, they tend to dislike at first impression, but once they accept someone in their life they give their heart easily without expecting anything in return.

They are much loved for their affable and loving character. In them curiosity predominates, which is why sometimes problems can be sought.

When they get upset, they say through their mouth what their heart does not feel.

They are very conceited, they like jewelry, gold and perfumes. They are prone to depression, are confident, intuitive, and have a preference for spiritual matters.

We invite you to challenge knowledge and answer 10 questions about the sweet Orisha Oshún: Who is the Orisha Oshún? Knowledge test

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Oyá, the deadly warrior owner of the spark:

the orisha Oyá

Jekúa Jey Yansá!

Owner of the spark, the whirlpool, the rainbow and the dead. She represents the protection of death, she is the guardian of the cemetery and lives at the door of the cemetery.

It is characterized by a violent and impetuous character, capable of generating storms, strong or hurricane-force winds and lightning.

It symbolizes the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead.

  • Your number is 9 and its multiples
  • Their colors They are wine red, brown or brown and 9 colors except black.
  • It is syncretized with the Santa Virgen de la Candelaria and Santa Teresa.
  • In nature is symbolized by the spark
  • Is celebrated on February 2.
  • Your greeting: Jekúa Jey Yansá!

What are the characteristics of children Oyá?

Omo Yansá are warriors by nature, with a reserved and calm character, but also very versatile, because when they get upset they can contain a lot of fury.

They detest monotony, very sociable, adventure and travel lovers. They're born innovators, they need to keep their minds busy, and they have great business intuition.

They really like their personal care, particularly their hair.

Naturally talkative, they love to generate controversy, and are often self-centered at times. They are constant in their ideals, they do not lose their faith, they are thinkers, kind and reserved.

They are very easy to make many friends, they can also become very jealous when they fall in love and unfaithful when they are not.  

They prefer independence and freedom, they do not feel comfortable when they are tied to someone or they try to dominate them.

We also have a 10-question test for Oyá, do not stop doing it, you will know many characteristics of this powerful deity: Who is the Orisha Oyá? knowledge test

  • To know works, rituals and spiritual works of the Guerrera Oyá: Click here

Are you the son of any of these three Orishas? Did you feel identified? Leave us your comment, share and tag if you know someone who wears the crown of any of these three queens.

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Hi, I'm Angel Ailmket:

Without knowing about this beautiful religion and these beautiful deities one day I dreamed of Oshun, who helped me banish an entity that affected me in various areas of my life, in that dream he took me by the hand and shared his golden light with me. To illuminate the darkness caused by that entity, the next day I investigated and found out who it was.

Later, Oya Yansa extended her help to me through an oracle and, going back to investigate, I found out that Oshun and Oya were sisters, which left me astonished, today I feel them both, I pay tribute, offerings and I humbly ask for your protection and your help. They have changed my life for the better. I love them and I consider both of them my mothers, because I have essential characteristics of their children, and that makes me very very very happy.
Thanks to you for sharing your wisdom, you are a great guide. Blessed be


Angel, thank you very much for sending us such a nice comment, full of faith and conviction for the power that these Yoruba goddesses emanate, that they continue to provide you with much ashé, light and infinite blessings, a hug.


Hello Good morning, I love your publications, I am not crowned but I believe and I have a lot of faith in the saints ...
Thank you for allowing us to learn more about this beautiful religion ...


Daylin thank you very much for your nice words. Thanks to you too, blessings.


Hello Good Morning I love your publications thank you for educating me I like everything that is related to these deities I am the daughter of OSHUN :)
And I'm happy it's MY GUARDIAN ANGEL ☺️


Thank you very much Maria 😍 for your nice comment. May your mother Oshún give you many blessings. Ashé and greetings


Hello good day. I am the son of two these queens. Yemaya and Oshun.


Ashé Lucio, a great blessing. Greetings to you.

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