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What are the sons of Shango like? The King of Thunder and Lightning

sons of Shango

Shango: King of kings

Saludo: Kaó Kabiesilé, Shango Alufina!

In this post we will focus on the characteristics that define the children of Shango, but before that, we will comment a little on who is this powerful Orisha in the Yoruba religion.

Orisha owner of drums, fire, thunder, lightning, of justice, dance and virile strength.

It is syncretized with Santa Barbara, with celebration date on December 4, according to the Catholic saints calendar.

Your day of the week It is Saturday, although Friday is also popular.

His number is 6 and its multiples, although some award it 4, perhaps due to its religious syncretism with Santa Bárbara. Their colors they are red and white.

But What are the sons of Shango like?, very generous and helpful people, we will tell you below.

? Characteristics of your children:

A son of Shango is characterized his nobility, his intelligence and his creativity. He loves helping others, worrying about other people's affairs and giving his support when others need it, he is extremely helpful and attentive.

They are generous by nature, very willful and insightful. They have total security in their abilities, so they have a high ego, they know with certainty what they want and how to get it.

They are leaders innate, idealistic, they have ambitions and put all their energy into their goals.

They go ahead with Courage and disposition, they are strong and energetic.

They are very funny and affectionate, but they also have moments of anger when upset, they tend to be tolerable until their glass is full and their fury is unleashed.

They are very faithfulThey find it difficult to forgive and they do not consent to infidelities. They grow up in the face of every obstacle that comes their way, they have a lot of faith in their beliefs, although they tend to remember Shango ¨when it thunders¨. They can become arrogant, proud, and talkative. They like luxury and comfort.

Here is a post with a lot of interesting information about this deity that includes a knowledge test about Shango, do not miss it, share the result on the networks and join our community.

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