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What are the children of Yemayá like? The Goddess of the Seas

How are the children of Yemayá

This September 7 the children of Yemaya to honor his mother and Yoruba goddess of the seas. They will adore her, thank her and tell her about her life, her joys and sorrows. 

Yemayá the owner of the sea, the protector, the one who cares for bellies, the one who dances on the blue waves of the salty waters of the world, the mother of all men, who provides life and abundance in her wake, that is Yemayá.

The children of the Queen of the Sea dress in blue in her day and honor her by bringing offerings to her waters.

They are characterized by their seriousness in front of strangers, although they can be very sociable when they share with their acquaintances, but first they need to feel safe and that trust reaches them.

In addition, they are people we can always count on and they will help you with any need, because kindness and solidarity live innate in their personality.

Characteristics of the sons of Yemayá

If you want to know what the children of Yemayá are like, here are some of the qualities that define them:


Yemayá's children are extremely respectful of their elders, and they are always looking out for their children, they are very paternal.

They are those who recognize that experience must be respected and therefore always listen to those who possess greater wisdom.

Sociable and charismatic

They are extremely attentive to others. They will always come to you with a smile to ask about your family and your health. They are caring and trustworthy.

A son of the Goddess of the seas once he gains confidence he becomes part of your family, he is that brother that we never had because his friendship is unconditional.

Determined in love

Yemayá's children don't hang around when it comes to love. If they decided to close a page they will not look back again, they have great determination when making a decision, even if it hurts them and they feel that life is collapsing they try to stay strong, and they succeed.

If instead they are interested in a person, they will try in every possible way to notice them. What they want they fight until they get it, and it is very difficult for them not to get away with it.

Clear vision

They have the gift of divination, like Yemayá herself. They have a very clear vision of future events, and of what may happen.

Many are the people who consult their decisions with the children of Yemayá, because in addition to being excellent friends, they are good at listening and at giving advice, the best.

They clearly say what they feel

Yemayá's children, especially men, never try to pretend to be or feel something that is not really true. They are very authentic and do not hide their true self.

Although sometimes they are usually mysterious people because they keep their secrets in the depths of their being, they do not like others to know their life and you must earn their trust very well so that they open the doors for you.

They can be brave and vengeful

Although the children of Yemayá are as gentle as a calm sea, if seen in the middle of a storm they can stir like violent waves.

They can be extremely brave when it comes to defending a person they care for and vindictive when their ideals are offended.

Sometimes they become angry like the irascible waters of their mother, when they are upset it is better to leave them until it passes, because we can provoke their anger and make the situation worse.

They like luxury and expensive

The children of Yemayá like the good, the luxury and the comforts, since they are related to the wealth that the Orisha possesses at the bottom of the seas.

How they are hard-working people, leaders and infatuated with what they want to achieve, they are able to create the affluent life that they like and provide their own luxuries.

They are drawn to the sea

The children of the Orisha of the seas, of course, are irresistibly attracted to the sea and the blue of its waters.

So much so that they cannot spend too much time away from the sea, without sitting down to contemplate it or take a dip, as this brings them closer to their guide goddess and consoles them and washes them away from all evil.

How do you know if you are the son of Yemayá?

Many people feel spiritually identified with Yemayá, because of its incredible connection with the seas or because they recognize themselves with the qualities of the mother of the world, if you want to learn more about this topic, I recommend reading the following post: Click here

I only comment that there are no horoscopes to know, in our religion this topic is sacred and we must respect it. Blessings and always Ashé

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