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What are the sons of Yewá like?

Sons of Yewá

Yewa She is a valuable Orisha in the Yoruba pantheon who represents purity, honesty and respect.

Form a trilogy with Oyá y Obba, the three are reckless warriors, considered death.

Yewá: Owner of the cemetery

It is a deity that is related to the dead and the cemetery, she is the one that decomposes the human body.

In the Yewá cemetery, she walks through the graves and dances on them with great ease and beauty.

The image of this Orisha is described very beautiful, the story tells that at birth, Olofin granted her the offerings of the pure, chaste and virginal, but she broke her vow of chastity by falling in love with Shango and as punishment asked to be sent to a dark and lonely place, where no man ever saw her.

That is why it is the owner of the dark and gloomy.

Characteristics of the sons of Yewá:

They are people who are usually very demanding of themselves and apply that demand also to those around them in their daily lives, but at the same time they are very protective, they give everything without asking for anything in return and they are great friends.

They are also, authoritarian, sometimes extreme and are generally very dominant. Although they have a vulnerable side, very sentimental and kind.

In certain situations they behave very severe, especially when they have to make decisions, they do not usually change their mind easily, they can become too radical and meticulous with their way of thinking.  

They are usually drastic when the situation demands moral or ethical standards, they have great religious honor, they are upright and upright people.  

A child of this Orisha has an angry character when confronted or opposed, when they are rebuked, or when it comes to directing they demonstrate their authority.

Children of Yewá in love:

Although they are usually very sweet and charismatic people, they can also behave domineering, jealous and rigorous with their partner, they do not admit disrespect. They like to maintain stable love relationships, they are very serious and prefer to feel stability in their life.

The Omo (children) of Yewá have a tendency, although not in all cases, to detest or avoid carnal relationships that are beyond their practical possibilities, for them in every way the established rules must be followed.

The daughters of Yewá are generally dominant, warlike and very demanding in everything they do. Their morality makes them follow a certain pattern, they like stability and established norms, they are also usually jealous and very, very impulsive.

In religion:

They are people who have special gifts with a great spiritual connection, which is why they tend to be excellent "mediums" if they set out to develop these skills.  

They are able to establish and maintain a very strong connection with their tutelary Orisha and with the world of the dead, they are very spiritual people.

In abundance:

In business and material life they are leaders, and they are in front of the situation. They have the gift of command, of directing and guiding people. Their authority enables them to carry out their proposed plans successfully.

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