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What are the children of the Orisha Ozain like?

Children of Ozain

Ozain of the mount:

Ozai He is the Orisha who governs nature, master of the forest dense and all its flora, he is a single hunter and connoisseur of the magical properties of all things green, he is the one who dominates and enhances the pharmacopoeia.

He always takes refuge in the middle of the mountain and lives alone.

In the human being it is represented in the left part of the body. With the knowledge of Osain life is saved, you are strengthened for war and you drive away death.

He is a doctor, owner and lord of the secrets of nature, he knows every plant, herb and palo del monte.

Knowledgeable expert on plants, animals and minerals. You can count on it for all consecrations, because plants and herbs from nature are always used.

He only has one eye, one leg, one arm, one large ear, and one small ear that he hears through.

He is the one who protects the Batá drums and the one who obtains the Ashé for orunmila.

Osainists are usually of both sexes, but in the case of women according to religious rules it is necessary to wait until menopause to receive it and participate in its ceremonies.

Characteristics of Ozain's sons:

A son of Ozain is very focused and noble, he is passionate about the world of knowledge and learning new things every day. In religion and in his life in general he is extremely respectful.

An Osainist has full conviction in what he believes, defends it with courage and leadership. In their life they are very realistic, balanced and objective.

They tend to be judicious, they always act with maturity and prudence. Under no circumstances do they allow their sensations to predominate over understanding.

In the professional:

They are flexible people, they always act giving utility and practical value to things, they are usually good leaders.

Extremely creative, resourceful, and passionate in their crafts, an Osain son occasionally lives far from reality and his imagination flies far away.

They are characterized by a good heart, generous by nature, although they are also very proud, sometimes it is difficult for them to forgive and they prefer not to ask for help, they are a bit self-sufficient and they believe they can do everything by themselves, without receiving help.

Their greatest reward is that they value and recognize their effort because they strive to be the best at what they do.

Ozain's children in love:

They are very generous, sincere and loving, they give everything to their partner selflessly.

They can also be very proud and jealous, they must deal a little with the selfishness that lives within them, sometimes they come to think that living single is the best option, although when they are accompaniedañatwo are very special.

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