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How to use Holy Water? Know its immense spiritual uses

How to use holy water

In religiosity, holy water has the great virtue that the power of God is within it.

Although holy water is also considered to be the sacred liquid that nature gives us, such as rainwater, serene water (exposed to serene water), even sea or river water, it is generally known under this name to which it is consecrated through of a church priest.

This is used for all purifying purposes, whether it is to clean a house or a person from bad influences and energies, to cure ailments, to cross, it is carried as a protective talisman, among many other powerful uses.

If you don't have a church nearby, you can also use the natural waters that Mother Earth gives us for cleaning and purifying baths.

  • Know 3 ways to use holy water, attracting many good things to you, as long as you use it with faith and a lot of love.

1. Holy water to clean the house and remove traces of bad energy

When holy water is sprinkled throughout a house, it illuminates the vibrations, making it a more pleasant place to live.

We can clean the floors and objects with it and also spray the walls.

This blessed water will eliminate all traces of negative energy and all evil destined adañaus.

It will also illuminate our place and attract good vibes and wishes for peace, tranquility, love and understanding.

2. A powerful spiritual bath with holy water to purify

Used in the bath, holy water has the effect of brightening the vibrations of the believer, as long as it is used with great faith in its purifying powers.

To do this, in a bucket of water we can pour a splash of this water and thus soak our body with it while we think about attracting positive things to our life and thus get rid of all the bad that we have accumulated.

  • You can use other elements like honey to sweeten the way, white or yellow flowers to attract peace and joy, eau de cologne or perfume to purify, or other powerful spiritual ingredients.

Thus, it can be used in ritual baths in which one blesses oneself and asks for protection and shelter to move forward. This blessing allows you to face better and more motivated the events of your daily life.

3. Holy water as a protective talisman

You can also take a small bottle of holy water and use it as a talisman to ward off negative influences.

We put it in a bag or pocket and pray and ask for blessings so that no danger lies in wait for us.

Holy water can also be sprinkled on food to bless it and that we never lack food in our home.

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