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Partner, the second degree of Freemasonry in Cuba and its instruments

Freemasonry Companion

The degree of Companion it is the second category of symbolic Freemasonry, once the man has acquired this level he is already qualified in terms of knowledge within the brotherhood.

Growing up within the fraternity is not a simple matter, because with this action the individual acquires greater responsibility and commitment to the order and to his brothers.

The Companion grade is associated with a learning period

The Companion, could be defined as the qualified worker:

  • It is the person who has had a successful learning period within the temple and who will now continue on his way making an effort and working to the fullest.

While the newbie he works with the rim of his apron raised, since he is learning the trade, the Companion wears an apron whose rim is lowered and with this the hierarchical superiority of the grade is represented.

What instruments represent the Companion and what is their meaning?

His tools are the square, the level and the plumb, instruments that will symbolically allow you to carry out a better construction, guaranteeing that your work within the fraternity is more successful and that in a certain way in the performance of your degree you obtain spiritual growth.

1. The squad:

This is the second of the three Lights that illuminate the lodge.

Symbolizes moral rectitude, which is why his arms are rigid, in a certain way embodies the purpose of the human being on earth, which is based on the principle of building and not destroying.

It is necessary that the companion offers an impeccable example to his brothers and that with his grain of sand he contributes to society the values ​​that have been worn out over time.

2. The level:

instrument that symbolizes equality and the need for the life of the human being to have an orderly and coherent course.

The lever does not figure in all Masonic rites, but it embodies the help that is offered in the temple so that the brothers can successfully achieve their goals, the lever immortalizes the help that every Mason is obliged to provide to humanity and his fraternal .

3. The plumb line:

This recalls the need for the human being to remain centered, serene and with his feet on the ground, for being this the only path that leads to ultimate success.

This instrument speaks of entrenchment on the plane of the earth, a virtue that keeps us firm on this plane until our mission on earth has been fulfilled.

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