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With the help of Elegguá, Orula obtained the hand of Oshún

Oshún and Orula

In many legends the goddess of Love and Rivers are united, Oshun and the Great Diviner Orisha, orula. And it is that great bond that has created beautiful patakíes that show their affinity.

Oshún, head Osha, represents the intensity of feelings and spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity. Fair and brave Orisha, she is often seen with Shangó the God of thunder, or with her sisters Yemayá, the owner of the sea and Oyá, the lady of the spark, and many others with the wise Orula, always demonstrating her beauty and her sensual and energetic character.

Thus, Orula, the great Yoruba fortune-teller, saw her one day and wanted to make her his wife forever.

Patakí of love between Oshún and Orula

Yoruba legend tells that she was the most beautiful girl in the region. And the patakí see that his house by hundreds of suitors came to ask for his hand in marriage, for its immense beauty and sensuality.

But the young woman's mother wanted to marry her to the one who proved to be more cunning than the rest. For this reason he said one day to the suitors who visited the house:

“My daughter has a secret name that nobody knows. He who knows it will be her husband. "

Orula or Orunmila, as the soothsayer is also called, was among the lovers of the beautiful girl, but despite consulting with the oracles, he could not know her name.

He then decided to ask for help from Elegua, the mischievous owner of the roads and he told him that, with his skill, he could discover it without problems.

Thus Elegguá approached Oshún disguised as a child, an old man or pretending to be asleep in order to discover that secret. So he waited patiently for someone to say the name of the beautiful young woman.

Eleguá discovers the name of Oshún

After several days of waiting, Elegguá heard one day that the girl's mother, who never said the name aloud, forgot it and called her “Oshún”.

He quickly communicated it to Orula, who had already become a Babalawo highly respected. He thanked Elegguá for his help and quickly went to the young woman's house.

When he saw her, he said "your name is Oshún" and thus managed to obtain her hand in marriage. With patience, cunning and the help of the powerful Eleguá who always opens the way to what we heartily desire.

The Yoruba legends give us many teachings about the orishas, ​​always giving us advice and wisdom to make the best decisions.

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