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5 Practical Tips to connect with your spiritualities

Connect with your spiritualities

They always ask me how to connect with the dead, ancestral spirits or any spiritual manifestation, whatever someone calls it.

First of all, I must tell you that it is a beautiful trip, but not as short as is often desired. It is an extensive path that we must travel over the years in our spiritual growth and development.

When you decide to begin this Spiritual Journey, remember that Faith and Persistence are fundamental ingredients.

And of course, above all, patience to connect with beings of light. It is not enough to dedicate a week or a month; Consistency is key. Every day, spirit guides and protectors give us more clues and information about them.

Also remember thattruth is not absolute; That is why each person who works and develops in this spiritual field follows different paths. However, we are all guided towards initiating our spirituality and strengthening our bond with the divine.

Practical Tips for Spiritual Connection:

These tips that I share with you will help you strengthen your bond with the divine and spiritual, and powerr this connection to find harmony in your life.

1.     Meditation and Communication with Loved Ones:

Before you begin, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let your mind free itself. Remember that our deceased loved ones can communicate through our thoughts. Meditating is a powerful way to use those energies.

2.     Energy Transformation:

Transform the energies around you. Changing the negative into the positive is key to our well-being. You can do this by lighting incense, cleaning your space, listening to music, smoking tobacco or simply harmonizing your home with fragrances that inspire you.Set that powerful intention when you do it, that's all.

3.     Maintenance of the Sacred Space:

Keep your sacred space moving, active and clean, whether it is a spiritual vault, an altar or a space dedicated to your ancestors, spirits or the deceased. Movement is synonymous with evolution, and we can apply this principle to the care of our spiritual spaces.

4.     Removal and Protection:

Let's stay away and protect ourselves from toxic people and situations.

We must identify what drains our energy, such as gossip, arguments or envy, and protect ourselves from them.

We often absorb negative energies without even being aware of it, such as when we constantly hear lamentations or negative news, which can later manifest in headaches or other physical discomforts.

It is important to take care of our emotional space, distancing ourselves and protecting ourselves from everything that could disturb our inner peace.

5.     Open yourself to Spiritual Wisdom:

Don't stop and open your mind to spiritual wisdom. Every time we learn something new, we are opening a door to understanding the divine.

Whether through reading tarot, studying sacred herbs, or interpreting sacred symbols, we are also connecting with a deeper level of wisdom that can guide us on our spiritual path.

These tips have transformed my life and can transform yours.

In conclusion, for me the journey towards spiritual connection has been truly transformative. Over the years, I have learned that faith and persistence are essential on this path.

Discovering how to transform the energies around me and keep my sacred space in constant motion has been eye-opening. Stepping away from toxic influences and opening my mind to spiritual wisdom has strengthened my bond with the divine.

I encourage you to explore these practical tips and embark on your own spiritual journey, thereby finding greater harmony and peace in your lives. May the light guide your path!

With love and humility, Cristina.

You can follow these tips and do a ritual like these:

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