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The religious must trust their Eggunes before anyone else's

Trust your Eggunes

Spirits are sustenance Of almost all the religions that are practiced on the earth plane, even atheists recognize the presence of their familiar spirits as protectors in the moments they face joys and sorrows.

Why is it so important to respect Eggun's power?

In the Yoruba Pantheon the Eggunes They play a fundamental role as guides and support for the human being, so much so that without caring for the dead and asking for their blessing, no consecration can be carried out, since the dead person immediately stands through the coconut, demanding respect for their presence.

The spirit is the first savior of the religious, because immediately after the moment of birth, the spiritual picture is found next to the newborn.

Many times we do not even fully know all the spirits that accompany us.añany little by little in the course of life and in situations that require it they make their presentation, for example:

  • Through a seasoned spiritualist,
  • in dreams or
  • by revelations that the person experiences without even expecting it.

Hence the importance that all religious have a mass of spiritual investigation to be able to define well the dead that accompanyañana the person and give way to the spiritual guide and those beings who will ask for their representation.

The spiritual representation It is nothing more than a position that is given to the Eggun who requests it to:

  • Evolution,
  • development and
  • further spiritual development.

It is precisely at the foot of these representations that the religious will cleanse himself and carry out his treaties with his Eggunes at the moments that warrant it.

Always trust your Dead…

It is a priority to learn to trust the dead that accompany usañany give them the position they deserve and in situations of need:

  • Go to them and present the situation that afflicts us,
  • clean up and
  • make the necessary changes.

All this, before running to someone else's house to carry out works that are not always the cure for the ailment and that perhaps could have been solved with simpler things.

If you see that by doing your works you cannot solve the problem in its entirety, then you go to the foot of the Osha, the person consults with Orunmila, but first of all you work with the cord spirits and relatives who wish to take responsibility for the situation, then:

No Eggun is going to love you more than the same ones who have accompanied you.añado throughout his life.

That is why we must learn to listen to them and interpret their predictions and orders.

When there are doubts, they consult with their elders, but always be clear that their spirits will never engañato wish him ill or to cheat him.

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