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The Congo Spirits How to call them, represent them and attend them?

Congo from Guinea I am

The African presence in our cultural and religious traditions is noted in Cuba, an island bañaIt overlooks the Caribbean Sea known as the largest of the Antilles.

After the process of conquest and colonization on this land by the Spanish took place, the indigenous population of the country named aborigines was exterminated and instead the settlers began to introduce Africans into the country with the aim of using them as a hand of construction site.

With this action they bequeathed to us on the national territory the presence of the black slaves and their religious and formative roots, a phenomenon that has lasted until today.

Spiritual call to the African entities that accompanied usañan

During the performance of spiritual masses the presence of African spirits and descendants of slaves is the most named, because these spiritualities are considered important protectors of the religious.

They are spirits of work, of war and sometimes they usually present themselves as healers.

The most famous spiritual song in homage to these beings is the one that recognizes the phrase of "Congo de Guinea I am good night Creole", a song with which a direct call is made to these entities.

How do you care for a Congo spirit?

The Congolese are generally spiritualities that ask to be represented physically by:

  • A doll or a wood carving.

To represent them, it is necessary to know certain descriptions of the Eggún (spirit).

When the religious fulfills the design of the dead, he positions himself on the representation when he is baptized, then he offers him a position inside or outside his home, where the spirit asks and there he can begin to attend him by offering:

  • Tobacco,
  • brandy and
  • coffee, among other tributes.

As the spirit develops, it will make known what it wants with more specificity.

Song in homage to the Congo spirits (Letter)

Congo from Guinea I am ...

Good night Creoles ...

I left my bone there

I came to do charity.

Congo, conguito

Real Congo ...

You come down to earth to do charity ...

But my conguito conguito come to work

If you come down to Earth, do Charity

You left the earth my brother

Now you come to do charity

Congo, conguito

Real Congo ...

You come down to earth to do charity ...

I ask Father Mercy

To come looking for peace

How distant these beings are

And yet we keep them in mind

Congo, conguito

Real Congo ...

You come down to earth to do charity ...

They come from infinity

Watering flowers in salti Amen

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