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Meet Los Ibeyis, the Jimaguas of fortune


Many are those who pray to the ibeyis, also known as the "Jimaguas", kind Orishas that bring happiness, fortune and development.

They represent the birth, the germination of the plants, the abundance and all the beginnings. In the Yoruba religion they symbolize the duality of things, they are minor Orishas, ​​but with great power.

In their union the small Orishas are able to save from death and evil and protect the mountain walkers. His cunning and intelligence saves us, blesses us, and protects us.

Of the characteristics, attributes and powers that the Jimaguas orishas represent, we present some of them:

10 characteristics of ibeyis:

1. Child protectors

One of the main characteristics of the Ibeyis or the jimaguas u Twin Orishas as they are also called, is that they protect all children. Mothers seek protection in these minor Orishas to offer their blessings to their children, especially when they are twins or twins.

They themselves are infants, mischievous, playful and sweet, walkers of the mountains and savannas, they walk protecting their path. His childlike spirit fills our lives with joy and fortune.

2. They are given different names

The ibeyis they are male and female they receive different names such as:

Taewó and Kaindé, Araba and Aína, Ayaba and Aíba, Olorí and Oroina are also female, Alawa Kuario and Eddún, Aden, Alabba, Ibbó and Igué, Oraún, Ono Nibeyi and Idobe, Olón, Itaguo and Idoú.

Although they have various names and genders, there are many legends and controversy on this issue, where it is assured that they are originally male and that is why the enslaved Africans in Cuba syncretized them with San Cosme and San Damián, saints of the Catholic religion.

3. Attributes that represent them

The Jimaguas They live in two small jars due to their figure of children, one decorated in red and white and the other in white and blue, colors that represent the orishas.

Its attributes are two half-hands of snails, elongated stones, two dolls sitting on stools, one female with a Yemayá necklace and a male with an Oshún necklace, both joined by a string, two acheré, sets of even-numbered bells and güiras painted with crosses or rays on white background.

Among its attributes are also two small drums, the patakí narrates that with the touch of two magic drums and the cunning of the Ibeyis they managed to save humanity from the devil.

4. Offerings they prefer

Like kids, the Ibeyis They prefer offerings of sweets and sweets, they are always offered with love and respect. They also love to eat all kinds of fruits such as the Santo Domingo mamey, canistel, guava, anón, soursop, orange, mango, pineapple, platanillo, mamoncillo and sweets.

Chickens and pigeons are also slaughtered. When offerings are made to these deities, it should be done to both, since they represent duality in the Yoruba religion.

5 Representation

They can be represented by three combinations of figures, one female and one male, two male or two female, but their most important symbol is the little drums with which they beat Abita (the devil).

6. Colors of the Jimaguas

Their colors are red and white and blue and white, the combined colors of the Orishas. Shango y Yemaya.

7. Family

A pataki (story) tells that these Orishas, ​​Shangó and Yemayá, were the adoptive parents of two of the Ibeyis that the warrior gave birth to. Oyá.

In other patakis these little Orishas are sons of Shango and Oshun, and they were raised by Yemayá.

Both legends agree that the Ibeyis are under the protection of the mother of the sea Yemayá.

8. What does Ibeyis mean?

Ibeyis has its origin from Yoruba and to understand its meaning it must be divided into two words:

 "Ib" which means "to be born" and "Heyis" which is "two" translating to "double birth".

9. Characteristics of your children

The sons of the Ibeyis They are playful and immature people, although they have great talent for business. They are generally irresponsible and very changeable in character.

But they are also kind by nature, kind, they give everything without asking for anything in return, because they give their heart in everything they do. They are very protective, jovial, in everything they find a great sense of humor and the positive side of life.

10. Prayer to the Jimaguas Ibeyis

The powerful Ibeyis are greeted with respect saying:

Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó!

Among their prayers translated into Spanish we ask the Ibeyis with this prayer:


Ibeyi oro awa keke sugboa agba nitoriti otan kuelu na choro trembles / a / ye and / Ya ogun si na ebita kiko yiofé ri mayi kueye sugbon ba si kaide ati itawo meyi na keke ati agba na ibeyi wa ologo afefe ibeyi ke waile elewe wile alakisa, baba aye nijin labi gbogbo chire odukue si Ibeyi


The Jimaguas express, we young but older, because we ended the difficulty in which the world was. We won the war against the devil who did not want two to meet, but he found the youngest and the oldest of the Jimaguas, where the Jimaguas are glorious, seeing how the Jimaguas do not go to the house of the rich, they go to the house of the poor, they find joy first. All games are born here thanks to the Jimaguas.

Whenever you say this prayer, do so with faith in the Jimaguas, they will bring abundance, joy and peace to your life.

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