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Do you know Ogún? The Iron Orisha that protects surgeries

Ogun warrior

No Orisha knows the secrets that the entrails treasure.añas of the land as well as Ogun, because it comes from them, from him come the courage, the combat tactics and the determination, virtues of a warrior that allow him to take justice into his own hands without faltering on the spot.

It is not difficult to imagine him as a strong man, wrought of pure iron, because it is precisely this natural element that he is composed almost entirely.

Ogún, warrior of combat and justice

Oggún in its translation from Yoruba means tragedy, combat and war, it is said that he is always prepared to fight for his children and defend just and noble causes.

It protects the armies and is a jealous guardian of the entrances of the homes.

This deity represents brute force and warlike love, an energy impulse that makes man reach the limits of the impossible to achieve his purposes if necessary.

Habita in the mountains and on the railway lines, the machete being his favorite work instrument, since he not only uses it to fight, he also uses it to make his way through the thickness of the jungle.

Syncretism with Brave Saints

His festival is celebrated on April 23 every year. It is syncretized with Saint Peter, because he carries in his hands the iron key that opens the passage of souls to the kingdom of heaven, in the same way he identifies with Saint George for having fought dragons in combat, being nicknamed for such acts like the invincible.

Numerous sources relate him to Saint Michael the Archangel, as both are holy warriors.

It is recognized in Palo Mayombe as Zarabanda, this being one of the oldest religions in the world, which had its origins in the Congo.

The Ganga shows him as Ajuaggún, while the Abakuá sect names him Sotemí, although he is invoked in Haitian voodoo under the nickname of Santiago el Mayor.

This Orisha is the owner of hard work, iron and all the instruments made with this material.

Attributes and offerings to the Orisha of iron

He is the patron of blacksmiths and surgeons, being the owner of the operating room, he has the responsibility of spiritually watching over that surgical interventions have a successful result.

Among his interventions in exoteric medicine we find the art of mastering the path of vital energy that travels through various points of the human body.

His number is three and his day of the week is Tuesday, marking this moment in the almanac as propitious to venerate him.

Animals are offered in sacrifice to him, his favorite being the dog, he can be given flowers, candles, coconuts and other fruits, as well as corojo butter, honey and toasted corn.

He is a grateful Orisha because for him the most important thing is the action, not the cost of the offering, being recognized in himself as the incarnation of his own sacrifice.

His way of dancing is peculiar because he performs pirouettes in the air drawing his machete to the beat of the drums, followed by strong steps that are synchronized with each other as if he was preparing to leave for the battlefield at any moment.

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