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Olodumare and other names that describe him as God: Take this Test

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The Supreme God of the Yoruba religion He is also known by other names that describe him as the higher being, creator of all things.

Olodumare is a powerful energy worshiped by the Yorubas, the great respect with which this deity is venerated in the African lands has been inherited to us to this day.

Together with Olofin and Olorun, it forms a sacred trilogy, these are its manifestations, which somehow connect with the orishas and men to establish balance on earth.

In the following test you will be able to know what these names are and their religious meaning.

Challenge knowledge in this interesting 5-question test:

Play and learn and when you answer each question, please wait for the card to be turned over so that you know the meaning of the names.

  • Tell us if you knew these names used to describe Olodumare that we mention below

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