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Do you know these 10 sacred Sayings of Ifá? Discover the wisdom

Ifá sayings

Ifá sayings They are in themselves life lessons full of wisdom, that help us with our spiritual growth, to develop and flow with everything that surrounds us, but mainly with ourselves from the inside.

When we listen «Ifá says» We know that each saying contains a teaching, an advice, a guide that leads us along the path of good.

10 wise phrases of Ifá:

  1. There is no tongue that reproached that God did not punish.
  2. However hidden things are done, they are known, they are discovered.
  3. He who does not watch where he is walking is prone to falling.
  4. When the conscience is clean, the mirror does not shine.aña.
  5. The drums of the earth have to be heard in heaven.
  6. Between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden, sooner or later everything is known.
  7. A wall covers one eye, but does not close one ear.
  8. I give everything I know to know everything I don't know.
  9. The dog has 4 legs and takes only one path.
  10. When we have war with our own head, we are always defeated.

In the next test you will know other interesting ones Ifá sayings to reflect, try to understand them, apply them to your life and discover the lesson that is hidden in them.

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