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Do you know the Deities of the Yoruba Pantheon?

deities of the yoruba pantheon

El Yoruba Pantheon it is the union of the African divinities. In the mix, the energies of nature converge, those that maintain the rhythm of the world.

Also in Yoruba history, the syncretism of various cults prevails that have been added to the original African history and religion, through the elements and traditions originating from invasions and state conformations.

But the Yoruba beginnings reached the founding of the city-state of Ilé Ife, which was expanding for hundreds of years and filling with different beliefs and customs from other kingdoms.

The Yoruba pantheon and the dynasty

So, at original yoruba pantheon from Ilé Ife, different deities were added over the years.

It begins with the founder of Ilé Ife who, was a mythical king called Oduduwa, also named Obalufe (King of the town of Ife).

Later, their children and descendants formed a dynasty of kings who were later transformed into Orishas, ​​mortal beings who became deified by their people due to their qualities and actions in life.

Kings, warriors and advisers of the people, came to be considered the deities of the yoruba pantheon, objects of worship and eternal adoration.

Main deities of the Yoruba pantheon

Today, around 401 deities are recognized, but among them the main deities of the world are identified. yoruba pantheon that are worshiped in many parts of the world, through religious practices whose object is to ask for their protection and pay them devotion.

The Yoruba they united the Orishas with the energies of nature. They use the divinatory system as the main religious exponent to discover the fate of the consultant and to which Orisha should pay special tribute.

In the yoruba pantheon, Olokun It is the highest representation of the Orishas. Two spirits live with him, one representing life and the other representing death. The one of life is Samugagawa and the one of death, Acaro.

Obatala for his part, he is the father of all the Orishas and of humanity. He is also the owner of all heads and minds.

Eleggua, is the owner of the roads and doors in this world, Oggun, is the god of iron, war and chores and oshosi, is the third member of the group of Orishas known as Warriors.

Also among the main deities of the yoruba pantheon are Yemaya, reign over the seas and lakes, Oyá, sovereign of the winds, the whirlpool and the one who guards the cemetery gates, and Oshun she reigns the sweet waters, of the streams, springs and rivers, goddess of love and fertility.

Monkey for his part, he is one of the most popular Orishas, ​​king of lightning, thunder, fire, drums and dance.

As for the orunmila, is the orisha of wisdom and divination.

Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon

Among the divinities and Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon Olofin, Olorun and Olodumare form the creative trilogy of the universe and everything that exists, Orula "the wise" was a witness to it.

Creators and witnesses of the universe
OlodumareSupreme God, creator of the universe
OlorunOwner of the sky, is the second manifestation of Olodumare
ConstitutionDeity who directs the Orishas, ​​is the third manifestation of Olodumare
orunmilaOrisha soothsayer of great wisdom

Warrior Orishas

Also called "Orisha Oddé", the Warriors are the first that any initiate within the Yoruba religion must receive, it is the first protection.

Warrior Orishas
EshuDeity that balances negative energies
EleguaWatcher of the roads and the mountains
OggunOwner of iron and metals
oshosiWarrior of Justice
ozunWatcher of the believers and walkers

The "header" and "senior" Orishas are categorized into those Oshas that are header, that is, tutelary and that must always be received when the initiates "become a Saint" in the "Kari Osha ceremony» and the older ones are those who can be received and crowned as «Guardian Angel».

However, this may vary depending on the practices that are carried out in different cults and ceremonies.

Head Orishas

Header Orishas
ObatalaFather of all on earth
OshunGoddess of rivers and fresh waters
YemayaMother of all, owner of the sea.
ShangoWarrior of fire, drum and thunder
OyáDeity of strong wind and spark
Aggayu SoláIt is the volcano and the forces of nature
Babalu AyeHealer and protector of the sick

Major Orishas

Major Orishas
OduduwaKing of the dead
OlokunOwner of the ocean depths
Orisha okoDeity of crops and farming
InleOsha doctor and fish and doctors pattern
ObbaReckless warrior, it is sacrifice and fidelity
YewaOwner of the grave and loneliness
osainIt is nature and everything that habita in her
Nana BurukuGrandmother of evil, mediator between life and death
IrokoSpirit that lives in the sacred tree: the ceiba

Minor Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon

The Minor Orishas are those who are not crowned in the Kari Osha ceremony, that is, they are not considered a "Guardian Angel" for a person when they "become a saint."

It could also vary depending on the religious practices that take place in different cults.

Minor Orishas
oggueOrisha of herds and horned animals 
OkeCaretaker and protector of the earth 
ibeyisTwilight Savior Children of the Devil
AbitaRepresents the malevolent and saves with evil, is considered the Devil
Boromú and BoronsiáKeepers of the secrets of Oduduwá
Ogbón and OgboniOrishas of Wisdom and Elderhood
Ogbon (The Wise One) and Ogboni (The Council of Elders)
YemboIt is the calm of the sea, considered the first Yemayá
OriGod of good luck, guardian soul that protects.
adakedayoThe giver of justice
AjáIt is the Wild Wind, Herbal Healer and Patron of the Jungle.
Aje ShalungaOrisha of health, prosperity and abundance, Patron of money.
aroniSpirit of nature who works with herbs, guardian of Ozain.
AyaoOrisha of the clouds and heights
Obañeñe or DadaOrisha of Newborns and Vegetables
korikotoFeminine deity of fertility and birth
oranmiyanIt is the firmament, owner and king of the dry land
oshumareIt is the union between heaven and earth, Orisha of the serpent and the rainbow.
OrunganOwner of noon
Logun Ede (larooye)Hermaphroditic Orisha who adapts to the characteristics of her parents Oshún and Oshosi

These manifestations and deities, although no less important, in the Yoruba religion receive an important cult and veneration.

Other manifestations
Iyami OshorongaWitches, Queen of the Witchcraft Cult
EggunThe spirits, ancestor worship.
IkuDeath, the one who claims life.
irunmolesNature spirits, they are non-human celestial beings.

All the deities of the "African Pantheon" of the Yoruba religion possess powerful ancestral forces, essential in the creation of the universe.

Each of these beings, spirits and Orishas fulfill a divine function in nature to maintain balance and well-being, thus being guardians and protectors of men on earth.

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