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Do you know the Prohibitions that are established in the Ogundá Sign?

Ogunda prohibitions

Advice to be respected in this Sign:

Ward of the deities

In Ogundá The loss of the Orishas is born due to the carelessness of the religious, so the santero is recommended to take timely protection of their deities so that they do not suffer any damage and anticipating the fact of not having to regret greater evils.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Taboo Ogunda

It is taboo for the santero to offer alcoholic beverages through this letter in their religious celebrations, as alcohol is a possible source of disgust and embarrassment among the participants.

DO NOT carry out work with Palo garments

In Ogundá the practitioner should not perform ceremonial work with wooden garments, as this is considered taboo in this sign, since this action is established as capable of disturbing the astrality of the person involved.

Take care of the way you dress to avoid osogbos

Dark-colored garments and those with a striped pattern are banned because they are considered suppliers of bad fortune in the life of the devotee.

It should be noted that articles of clothing should not be lent as these can be the spokesmen for enchantments in order to harm their first owner or because they are unconsciously causing conflicts or gathering of osogbos.

Respect for the Elderly

Respect for the elderly in Ogunda

Under this letter, harmony and good relationships at home must prevail, since conflicts developed under the same roof are considered to be a source of delay and loss of iré.

Respect for people who comb gray hair is established as a golden rule due to the wisdom they possess from the experience accumulated during their lived years.

The bed is for personal use

The use of the santero's bed by other people is strictly prohibited, as this damages the person involved when falling asleep and charges him with negative energies.

Avoid the use of weapons

It is taboo in Ogundá to possess knives or firearms as this letter augurs accidents and loss of human life related to the irresponsible use of said defense instruments.

Women should take care of their hair

Women's hair in Ogundá

Females are advised to take special care with their hair, as it can be used to perform sorceries against them.

It is forbidden for women to paint their hair and use chemical products in their care, as this odun warns about poisoning from these treatments.

Avoid vices so as not to take risks

Avoid vices in Ogundá

The santero must know that in this sign vices must be avoided, especially respecting the consumption of cigarettes, drugs and alcoholic beverages as these are considered harmful to health and for unleashing illicit acts representing a risk to life and freedom of human beings.

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