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Advice from Iroso Yekun: Ifá where the osogbo arrives through a photograph

Advice from Iroso Yekun

Iroso Yekun is a sign belonging to the sacred rule of Ifá where special attention is paid to photographs, because through a snapshot the religious is able to attract the osogbo.

The man or woman who governs under this odun must separate all the photos where their image converges with that of a deceased, because only then will they be free from attracting curses.

The person through these photos can receive messages from the being that no longer belongs to the plane of the earth, becoming tormented by it.

In Iroso Yekun the change of life is born

This letter treasures the secret corresponding to the change of life, so you should not go to funeral homes, hospitals or houses where there are terminally ill patients.

Do not give away your clothes or personal items, because through all the aforementioned actions you can see your life immersed in a 360 degree turn, losing everything you own including your presence in the world of the living.

Respect extreme rides at amusement parks

In Iroso Yekun, Ikú (death) only fed on human beings and with the arrival of this sign he began to prefer the sacrifice of animals.

For this Ifá the person should not be exposed to strong emotions, as they are prone to cardio-respiratory arrest.

orunmila advises:

  • Avoid arguments and
  • respect extreme attractions corresponding to amusement parks.

Don't get involved in gossip and ebbó to win

Ifá says that you must perform ebbó to win your wars and offer an animal sacrifice to your guardian angel to establish yourself on the plane of the earth.

Avoid wandering late at night on the street, as in this task you may suffer an assault or witness a strong apparition.

Avoid gossip, do not get involved in gossip in which conflicts pertaining to your religious family are discussed, especially if it refers to a disagreement related to your godfather or godmother.

Odun where legal documents are kept in order

Keep your legal matters up to date so that you do not suffer conflicts with the law.

Be careful not to lose the property of your house or other essential document to legalize any type of matter.

In this letter the person suffers from gastrointestinal ailments and the woman can suffer a psychological pregnancy in her desperate desire to be a mother.

Odúa is the rector Orisha of this Ifá

Do not keep empty uncovered bottles in your ilé (house) or any type of container in similar conditions, because in this sign these are the favorite hiding places for mocking spirits and osogbos. 

Odúa is the Orisha rector of this Ifá for which he is owed special devotion and respect.

To this saint you can place offerings made with:

  • Sixteen slices of bread and
  • a glass of fresh milk.

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