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Advice from Iwori Irete: Ifá where it is Taboo to burn the stages of life

Tips Iwori Irete

Iwori Irete is the sign of Ifá that marks the arrival of the four seasons of the year.

Natural phenomenon that represents for the religious different stages in his life, which are marked by periods of abundance and growth and others by intervals of learning and saving.

The seasons frame in a metaphorical way:

  • Childhood,
  • youth,
  • adulthood and
  • old age.

Cycles that leave traces in the human being and that as the populace says:

Each one has its own charm.

Enjoy every moment in life

Ifá recommends in Iwori Irete not to burn stages and to enjoy each of these periods of life to the fullest, knowing how to find joy in the triumphs and adversities that come with each one.

In this letter the sailors speak, people who seek luck on the other side of the ocean.

It is a sign of evolutions and prosperity, where the person finds fortune in other lands.

orunmila he warns in this odun the arrival of love disappointments, because the hearts of the sailors leave a beat in each port.

You need stability in your life and you need to formalize your relationship in order to build a family.

Which you should do when you have exploited your potential to the fullest.

Be careful with the fire and make ebbó

In Iwori Irete, the religious must be careful with fire, as he may suffer an accident or material loss due to it.

Ifá says that you are a very intelligent person, the one with skills for oratory and communication in general.

On your way is to work religion, because of this you will have many godchildren and through these you will be lucky.

By this sign you want to win back a love from the past and this could not happen because you have not done ebbó.

Attend to the spirits who administer you

You need to develop in the field of spiritism so that the Eggunes can communicate with you more clearly.

Sit on the vault and share prayers and songs with them so that the mission can be accomplished.

Take care of suffering from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, especially those caused by parasitism, taking extreme hygiene measures when handling food.

For Iwori Irete height is taboo

You should not stand on high places like:

  • Roofs,
  • steep stairs,
  • viewpoints without railings,
  • or amusement park attractions where altitude is extremely important.

Because of this, you can suffer accidents or cardiovascular events of great hemodynamic repercussion.

In this Ifá you cannot live on whims

It is a letter where infidelities and having relationships with people with whom you have a great age difference are taboo, because with these you will not be totally happy.

This is a sign where the rivalry between human beings is born and where in the Yoruba land the yorye ceremony was known for the first time.

  • The ceremony known as Ijoye (Yorye), is a ritual performed on the seventh day of the initiation of Ifá, where the initiate is given his Ifá. 

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