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Advice from my Orishas Oshún, Yemayá, Obatalá and Oyá

Councils of the Orishas

We must learn to listen to the wise advice of the Orishas, ​​understand them from the heart and accept that they are a guide to improve our destiny.

When Osha came into my life, it gave me the possibility to start over, I learned that always between difficulties are hidden opportunities and the advice of my Saints helped me a lot to begin to see life in a different way.  

Council of the Two Waters

Learn to be yourself:

Oshun y Yemaya They advised me to change my "etiquette" and my way of being, and it is a reality, advice that has served me well.

You cannot live anchored to a mold, on bad days "smile", thanks to this you will change your day; I know like a child who is discovering everything and laughing; Allow yourself to be crazy, madness is extraordinary and if they ask you, answer:

"I live as my water mothers Oshún and Yemayá wish"

Councils of Oshún and Obatalá

Sweetness in the soul and strength in the heart:

Oshun He said that he would give me all his sweetness and goodness, but he also warned not to offer so much honey, which, because it is so sweet, turned out to be cloying.

Obatala He warned me: you must give and help, but he also assured me that I must have a heart of iron many times.

It may seem like a setback, but it is wise advice from the Saints that we must follow and understand from the heart.

Over the years of Osha I have learned to be sweet and bitter at the same time, to have a heart of silk and iron, to be respectful and to trust my Saints who never disappoint me.

Advice from Oyá:

Remember that to win you have to lose:

I have lost so much in this life, but I have learned from the mighty Oyá that today I must have the word "WIN" on my lips.

I have understood that starting from scratch, between what has been won and what has been lost, my list of winning is longer.

I suffered, but I learned;
I cried, but I cleaned my heart;
I felt a lot of resentment, but it helped me to forgive;
I felt alone, but I closed many doors.
Advice from a santera

I thank my Orishas every day for their protection and I give thanks because they are a wonderful light that illuminates my path.

The advice we receive from the Orishas is the guide to find faith, humility and love.

Many times we do not want to listen to or follow these advice because it is not what we want for our life, but we must trust, sooner or later the answer to what ails us so much will be given to us and we will understand why things happen.

Blessings to all! 

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