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Ogbe Oshe Tips: Odun Where You Need Intelligence To Win

Tips from Ogbe Oshe

If Ogbe Oshe wants to prosper financially You must take your savings and ebbo with them so that the monetary development comes to your life.

You are warned by dreams of what will happen, always pay attention to your hunches and look in them for the way to make the right decision.

Don't take everything that happens around you personally

Ifá warns him that a plan is being hatched against him to destroy him, and that envy and resentment are the motives that will trigger such action.

orunmila He advises you not to take everything that happens around you personally, as being overloaded with emotions will not do you any good.

Let go of what hurts you and house in your heart and your thoughts only what is good for you and helps you evolve.

By achieving your independence you will achieve your happiness

  • Be careful where you are invited to eat, as you will be prone to being harmed by giving you a hex on some food. 
  • Pray for prosperity and when given the opportunity, live alone.
  • Do not assume responsibilities that do not concern you, because the bad thanks will be the pay.

Let divine justice avenge wrongs

You will inherit property through a deceased relative.

Do not seek revenge after wrongs and let divine justice fall of its own weight on the people who wronged you.

Never promise what you cannot deliver, because mistrust will be the harvest that will reap after these acts.

Never cry misery and luck will smile on you

In Ogbe Oshe the person has not been very lucky in love, but do not despair that with the help of the Orishas his better half will arrive.

  • You are a person who when upset is fearsome.
  • Never cry misery and luck will smile on you.
  • Your luck is in the gray, always respect the law and do not jump into the void holding on to insecurities.

Advice for the religious in Ogbe Oshe

  • Avoid having empty cages in your home, as mocking spirits will lodge in these objects and disturb you.
  • Do not do ceremonies during the night as this will harm you.
  • Do not go to places where you are not welcome to avoid hot flashes.
  • Respect your elders and avoid disrespecting people with gray hair.
  • Beg your head for blessings to come into your life. 

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