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4 Tips from Oshun that the goddess gives us to be wiser

Oshun's advice

1. All that glitters is NOT gold!

Oshun says that all that glitters is not gold, not even the most beautiful of precious stones shines without first being polished.

In life, the religious cannot think that he will be great without offering sacrifices, without using his life for some benefit, without showing an effort that justifies his purposes.

In humility is greatness and intelligence, because a pure heart will always have more value than one stained by vanity and pride.

Oshun is a patient saint, she is able to wait for her moment in silence and then show how right she was in her words, because this saint is laughing, she congratulates you or condemns you.

2. Pride is NOT greatness, but perdition

Pride, being the first and greatest capital sin, represents the doom of Oshun's children, making them as beautiful as the peacock, but without any grace when opening their mouths.

Oshun hates self-sufficiency and it is precisely the abolition of this defect that she seeks in her children, she does not want them to stop being flirtatious or presumptuous, but she does not want to see them lost in arrogance.

Oshun is a wise saint, worthy of the trust of Olodumare and Orumila, who seeks to transmit her teachings to the world.

3. You do NOT need to be the best, I know essential

The most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon says that:

Time flows, it does not stop and sometimes it runs out like rivers, that it is not important to be the best, but it is vital to become essential in the environment in which one develops.

If the religious wants to be recognized:

  • You must first find out what your talent is, exploit it, and then let the crowd comment, because through good and bad comments, the human being will gain fame.

4. May adversity never defeat you

Oshún warns that her children do not know defeat because in the fall of the rivers is where the current gains more strength and ends up transforming through adversity or misfortune into colossally beautiful works such as waterfalls.

River water carries within itself the mystery of life, quenches thirst, allows its use in various tasks and provides food to living beings, as versatile as this fluid are the children of Oshun, because despite the difficulties they seek ways to be useful and get ahead.

There is a lot of clairvoyance in the word of the children of Oshún, because the Orisha put in them the ability to predict the future.

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