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Advice from a santera to keep going

positive tips to get ahead

To this world, from the day we were born, we came with a mission and a destiny assigned by our Orishas. I sincerely hope that these tips help you to move forward with humility, faith and love in order to reach the path that corresponds to you.

Always thank the Orishas

Life is long, we will achieve both positive and negative balances and energies, one day we will go out (positive environment) other osogbo (negative environment), the important thing is to follow the course of the hand of our Orishas maintaining our conviction in what we believe.

Let us never forget to thank in bad times, never curse, on the contrary, practice patience, good character and gratitude, only then will you be able to balance your astral; it is a mistake to seek guilty, to do evil and to act against the Orishas.   

Sometimes what you want is not what you need.

Your Orishas offer you what they know you need, but then you don't take it because you think your desire is incomplete.

Perhaps you asked for a house and they sent you a job, dissatisfaction invades you because you were not sent both.

If it were me, I would think that with employment I will solve my house, but instead you are dissatisfied and do not appreciate what you have received.

The problem is not of the Orishas, ​​it is yours, the one who has to face and complete that request is you, face life and take out that lion that you carry inside, become it without claims or justifications, you must move forward. 

Take action to achieve your destiny  

You don't sit around waiting for anything, show your inner strength, don't turn your back on your problems, don't become a victim and thank your Orishas for everything, for how little or how much they give you.

Always feel grateful to everything that surrounds you, no matter how tiny it may seem, it can become a great empire and you will only see it with patience and perseverance.

Above all things trust yourself, many times we let ourselves be carried away by people around us who do not really want something good for us, listen to your intuition and remove from your life those who emanate negative energies and delay your plans and your faith .

Never let others limit you and move on

My grandmother used to say that it is impossible to please everyone. If others dislike your religion, your belief, your smile, your way of being, because it bothers others, you will not change.

Let's never lose our essence, no matter how many people we meet on the path that makes our happiness uncomfortable, focus on yourself, on shining, you will be able to achieve absolutely everything that you propose because you have the Ashe of your Orishas.

If you transmit to the world how beautiful you are, it will welcome you and open its arms to the universe of Constitution, Olorun y Olodumare. Trust and have faith.

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